to incite hatred and nationalism through television and for differences between the people to really stand out.

PB: Baer like many others: don’t dare say CIA, MI6, BND etc. are the lackeys of Judeo-banksters… In the Balkan context, I explore the J-plot against Yugoslavia and the Balkan peoples, if not Europe:

In Nazi Germany, Jewish Zionist propaganda fooled the goys into hatred and nationalism that helped the J-baksters achieve their WW2 goals:
– re-structure geopolitical power configuration with Jew-controlled US as the hegemon,
– enslave Eastern Europe into Jew-run Soviet block,
– create  false “dialectic” communism-capitalism, a pretext for banksters’ cold war, with Jews dominating/controlling both sides
– annihilate unwanted Jews (those assimilated in Europe and Orthodox Jews, both against Zi0nism)
– create “aircraft carrier Israel”
– launch foundations for a new “dialectic”: the “democratic” West (s.c. Judeo-Christians in hasbara parlour) against “terrorist” Arabs and Muslim.
Amaizingly, similar radicalisation of mindless masses by J-propaganda (extreme nationalism, antisemitism) takes place in the Arab Spring and colour revolutions — today in Ukraine (with obviously Jew-inspired hate of Poles and Russians).presently, the goal appears somewhat different, yet NWO is the ultimate aim, as in WW2. Just as mass sprouting of national states in place of imperia was a stage of pre-planned J-bankster NWO plot around WW1, so is the present dismantling of national states and sovereignities also a stage, more advanced though. Restricted are also citizen freedoms via “war on terror” in preparation for the final assault on humanity and establishment of J-bankster NWO.
The radical Ukrainians atrociously killed several hundred thousand Polish civilians in WW2 (many women, children and elderly) and served as kapos and killers in Zio-Nazi death camps in occupied Poland and elsewhere.
Isn’t it interesting that supposedly anti-antisemitic, ant-xenophobe and “let’s all be equal and peacuful” EU supports these bastards!? What better proof for who runs the world…

to incite hatred and nationalism through television and for differences between the people to really stand out.

From: “Freenations” <>
Date: February 20, 2014 9:11:39 AM PST (CA)
THESE REVELATIONS BY A FORMER CIA AGENT WHO HELPED THE USA AND GERMANY TO DESTROY YUGOSLAVIA AND BLAME THE SERBS IS WORTH LISTENING TO BECASUE THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING TODAY IN THE UKRAINE. For a decade or more before the illegal recognition of croatia by the Vatican and Germany in 1991 (condemned by among others the former British Foreign Secretary David Owen) the German intelligence services undermined the State of Yugoslavia, promoted and armed Croatian and Bosnian fascists and manipulated the media to report non existent “massacres” but not report on Bosnian and Croatian massacres of Serbs!! For decades the German “political foundation” the Konrad Adenauer Foundation has been active in the Ukraine and provided funds and political support for the rioting and policeman-killing “demonstrators” on the streets of Kiev. Many of the Ukrainian revolutionaries, trying to bring down an elected Government with molotov cocktails and street violence, have blatantly fascist connections with the wartime Ukrainian Nazis who helped enthusiastically in the Jewish holocaust. Many of the latter of course fled through Rome to South America after the war – with even the American Amabassador in Berlin complaining that the Vatican was aiding the escape of murderous fascists.
Now read on:
CIA exposed by former agent – Robert Baer
October 10, 2012 [bold Italics by PB]
Over the years there have been many ex military and secret service personnel that have written books and articles that talk about their work and the objectives of their bosses. Such disclosures are always most interesting when the subject matter is close to your heart and when you feel that the public perception needs to be altered.
Robert Baer is a former senior CIA officer and the author of many works about his former employers at the time of the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. As a senior CIA operative, he worked in the former Yugoslavia from 1991-1994 and in the Middle East . The following interview with Robert Baer was conducted by Milos Cupurdija last month in Canada and highlights some of the public misconceptions about the events that tore up Yugoslavia .
When did you arrive in Yugoslavia and what was your first job?
I first arrived by helicopter with 3 other agents on 12 January 1991 in Sarajevo . Our job was to keep an eye on the supposed Serbian terrorists who were due to attack Sarajevo .

Who were supposed to be the terrorists and why would they be expected to attack Sarajevo ?
They were given information about a group called “Serbian Supreme” and their plans to attack key buildings in Sarajevo with the desire that Bosnia would leave Yugoslavia .

Was there such a group, and what did you actually do in Sarajevo ?
Such a group never existed and we had been tricked by our central command. We were tasked with warning people and spreading panic amongst the politicians in Bosnia . Basically we just filled their heads with the idea that the Serbs will attack. Initially we were taken with the story but eventually realised that we were spreading stories and fear about a group that did not exist.

How long did this operation last and what was it called?
For me it lasted for two weeks because then I received orders to go to Slovenia on another job. The operation continued for another month after and the code name was “Istina” [Truth – PB] which is exactly what it was not.

Why did you go to Slovenia ?
There I was told that Slovenia was getting ready to declare its independence from Yugoslavia . I was given money, several million dollars with which we would finance non governmental organizations, opposition parties and politicians all of whom were prepared to spread and incite amongst the population.

Given these propaganda activities what sort of opinions did you have of the CIA and what did you’re colleagues think?
Of course you do not refuse a task given to you by the CIA especially at that time when everybody was jumpy and given to paranoia. Many agents and high ranking officers had disappeared because they had refused to work on propaganda against the Serbs in Yugoslavia . I personally was shocked at the amount of lies being perpetrated by the CIA and the US politicians. Many CIA agents worked in propaganda but were not entirely aware of what they were doing as they would be involved with just one facet of the project and only those who could piece together the whole picture knew the aims of the work and they were the politicians.
So there was only propaganda against the Serbs?
Yes and no. The propaganda was aimed to divide the republics and to ensure that the states are separated from the mother of Yugoslavia . We had to choose a sacrificial lamb that could be blamed for everything. Someone who would be responsible for the war and the violence.  Serbia was chosen because it is in some ways the successor of Yugoslavia .
Can you name the politicians from the former Yugoslavia that received money from the CIA?
Yes, although this is delicate. Stipe Mesic, Franjo Tudjman, Alija Izebegović, many advisors and members of the government of Yugoslavia, and also Serbian generals, journalists and even some military units. For a time Radovan Karadzic was paid but stopped taking the help when he realized he would be sacrificed and charged with crimes in Bosnia . He was played by the U.S. administration.

You mentioned the financing and control of the media, how did this take place?
It is already known that some CIA agents were responsible for writing the official statement that news anchors would read. Of course the news readers did not know anything as they received their instructions from their bosses who received instructions from his boss who was our (CIA) man. There was one overall task and that was to incite hatred and nationalism through television and for differences between the people to really stand out.
Srebrenica which we are all aware of. Can you say something about that situation?
Yes, from 1992 I was in Bosnia again, but this time we had to train military units representing Bosnia , the new State which only just declared it’s independence.  Srebrenica is an exaggerated story, and unfortunately many people have been manipulated by it. The numbers of the people killed…these were all part of the political marketing. My boss who had previously been in the US Senate had several times told me that there would at some point be a big con in Bosnia . A month before the supposed genocide in Srebrenica he told me that this town would be known around the world and we were instructed to inform the media. When I asked him why he said I will see. We received an order that with the newly formed Bosnian army we should attack the houses and people of Srebrenica. Of course the Serbs followed suite as they would have been incited and paid to do so also.
Who could it be responsible for the genocide in Srebrenica?
Simply the deaths in Srebrenica were due to the Bosnians, the Serbs and the Americans, us! But the blame for everything is laid at the feet of the Serbs. Unfortunately many of the victims were buried as Muslims and yet they were Serbs or other nationalities. A few years ago a friend of mine, a former CIA agent and currently working in the IMF said that Srebrenica was a product of an agreement between the U.S. government and politicians in Bosnia . Srebrenica as the city was sacrificed because after the alleged crimes of Serbs, the America had a reason to attack.
Why do you think that Yugoslavia broke up and why did your government want to have it’s role in this?
Everything is clear, people who had quietly instigated the war and loudly shouted about the peace are now the owners of the companies that exploit a variety of mineral resources and the like in that land! Simply, they made slaves of you, your people are working for free and the products are going to Germany and America , they earn! In the end you  have to pay to import what you have made yourselves and since you have no money you must take out loans. It’s the  story with the whole of the Balkans!
You have not been active in Kosovo as a CIA agent, but was there some pressure from the United States ?
Of course! Kosovo was taken for two reasons, firstly because of mineral and natural resources, and secondly, the Kosovo military base NATO! In the heart of Europe is their largest military base.
Do you have any message for the people of the former Yugoslavia ?
I have. Forget your recent past it was staged and faked. You have been manipulated and they got what they wanted and it would be stupid for you to still hate each other. You have to be stronger and to show that you are aware what has happened and who was responsible. I sincerely apologise and this is why I have for a long time now been exposing the secrets of the CIA and the White House.
Robert Baer is currently promoting his new book “The Secrets of the White House”. Here are some of his previous publications.
See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism, Crown Publishing Group, January 2002, ISBN 0-609-60987-4.
Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude, Crown Publishing Group, July 2003, ISBN 1-4000-5021-9.
Blow the House Down: A Novel, Crown Publishing Group, 2006, ISBN 1-4000-9835-1.
The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower, Crown Publishing Group, September 2008 ISBN 0-307-40864-7
The Company We Keep: A Husband-and-Wife True-Life Spy Story, Crown Publishing Group, March 8, 2011
Objavljeno: 15. februar 2014. u 19:53 /
Moj šef, koji je inače i bio nekada u Američkom senatu je nekoliko puta napomenuo da će biti nekakva prevara u Bosni. Mesec dana pred navodni genocid u Srebrenici mi je rekao da će taj grad biti uporište medija širom sveta i dao nam je instrukcije da zovemo medije.
Robert Baer, bivši visoki izaslanik i oficir CIA, ujedno je i autor mnogih dela u kojima je odavao informacije o CIA i o administraciji Bila Klinton i Džordža Buša, zbog čega je nekoliko puta hapšen i privođen. Lični prijatelj, Mitt Waspurh koji je radio u senatu i koji mu je davao pojedine informacije je ubijen u hotelu iz sačmare. Kao visoki operativac CIA radio je na prostoru Jugoslavije u periodu od (1991-1994) i na Bliskom istoku. Robert Baer je učestvovao  u nekoliko dokumentaraca na Nacionalnoj Geografiji optužujući vladu Buša za rat zbog nafte!
Piše: Miloš Ćupurdija
Intervju je obavljen uživo u Kanadi, tokom mog puta pre nekoliko dana.  Robert Baer trenutno promoviše svoju knjigu -The secret of White House- u Kvebeku, gde smo i razgovarali. U intervjuu smo razgovarali o pozadini rata u Jugoslaviji.
Kad ste stigli u Jugoslaviju,gde je to tačno bilo i koji Vam je bio prvi zadatak?
Stigao sam helikopterom sa još 3 agenta. Sleteli smo 12. Januara 1991 u Sarajevo . Zadatak nam je bio da pripazimo na navodne teroriste srpske nacionalnosti, koji bi trebali napasti Sarajevo .
O kojim teroristima je reč i zašto bi oni navodno trebali da izvrše te napade?
O srpskim, dati su nam fajlovi da grupa po imenu „Vrhovna Srbija“ planira izvesti bombaške napade na ključne zgrade u Sarajevu zbog želje da Bosna izađe iz tadašnje Jugoslavije.
Da li je takva grupa postojala i šta ste Vi tačno radili u Sarajevu po naradbi komande CIA?
Takva grupa nikad nije postojala! I nas je centrala prevarila. Imali smo zadatak da upozoravamo i da širimo paniku među političarima u Bosni, jednostavno punili smo im glavu da će Srbi da napadnu. U početku smo i mi prihvatili priču, ali posle smo se malo zapitali. Zašto dižemo paniku kad ta grupa oligledno ni ne postoji?
Kako i kada se završila da operacija i da li je imala neko ime?
Za mene se završila nakon 2 nedelje, dobio sam novi zadatak u Sloveniji. Inače operacija je trajala još mesec dana i imala je naziv „ISTINA“. Iako je to bilo sve samo ne to!
Kažete otišli ste u Sloveniju, kojim povodom?
Tamo  sam dobio instrukcije da je Slovenija spremna da proglasi nezavisnost, date su nam pare, nekoliko miliona dolara, uz taj novac mi smo financirali razne nevladine organizacije, opozicione stranke  i razne političare koji su raspaljivali mržnju.
Kakvo ste Vi imali mišljenje zbog te propagande od strane CIA, i šta su o tome mislisle vaše kolege?
Svakako da se zadatak ne odbija od CIA, pogotovo ne tada jer su svi bili nervozni i skloni paranoji! Mnogi agenti i visoki činovnici CIA su nestajali samo zato što su odbili da rade propagandu protiv srba u Jugoslaviji. Ja lično sam bio šokiran dozom laži naše agencije i političara! Mnogi agenti CIA su radili propagandu a da nisu ni svesni šta rade. Jednostavno svako radi delić priče, i samo onaj ko je sklopio celu priču zna pozadinu a to su političari.
Znači postojala je propaganda isključivo prema Srbima?
Da i ne. Propaganda je imala za cilj da zavadi države i da se one odvoje od matične Jugoslavije. Morali smo izabrati žrtveno jagnje koje bi bilo krivo za sve. Neko ko bi bio odgovoran za rat i nasilje. Srbije je izabrana jer je na neki način bila naslednica Jugoslavije.
Možete li nabrojati političare koji su u bivšoj Jugoslaviji bili plaćeni od strane CIA?
Da, mada je to delikatno. Stipe Mesić, Franjo Tuđman, Alija Izebegović, mnogi savetnici i članovi vlade Jugoslavije, plaćeni su i bili srpski generali, novinari pa čak i pojedine vojne formacije. Jedno vreme je plaćen bio i Radovan Karadžić ali je prestao da uzima pomoć kad je shvatio da će biti žrtvovan i optužen za zločine u Bosni. Bio je izrađen od Američke administracije.
Spomenuli ste kontrolu i financiranje medija, kako je to bilo tačno?
To se već zna, pojedini agenti CIA su bili zaduženi za pisanje zvaničnih izjava koje bi spikeri čitali na vestima. Naravno spikeri nisu ništa znali, oni su to dobili od svog šefa a on od svog koji je bio naš čovek. Postojao je jedan zadatak za sve, a to je da se kroz televiziju širi mržnja, nacionalizam  i skroz su se isticale razlike među ljudima.
Srebrenica, svi znamo za nju. Možete li reći nešto o tome ukoliko znate?
Da! Od 1992 sam u Bosni bio ponovo, ali ovog puta smo trebali da obučavamo vojne formacije koje su predstavljale Bosnu, novu državu koja samo što je proglasila nezavisnost. Srebrenica je preuveličana priča i nažalost veliki broj ljudi su izmanipulisani. Broj žrtava je jedank ubijenim srbima i drugima ali Srebrenica je politički marketing. Moj šef, koji je inače i bio nekada u Američkom senatu je nekoliko puta napomenuo da će biti nekakva prevara u Bosni. Mesec dana pred navodni genocid u Srebrenici mi je rekao da će taj grad biti uporište medija širom sveta i dao nam je instrukcije da zovemo medije. Kad sam pitao zašto, rekao je videćeš. Dobijena je naredba da sa novonastalom Bošnjačkom vojskom udarimo po kućama i civilima. Naravno to su bili građani Srebrenice. U tom trenutku sa druge strane udarili su i Srbi. Verovatno je i njih neko platio i nahuškao!
Ko bi onda mogao kriv biti za genocid u Srebrenici?
Jednostavno žrtve u Srebrenici su bile tu zbog Bosanaca, Srba i Amerikanaca tjst nas! Ali sve je prepisano Srbima. Nažalost mnoge žrtve su sahranjene kao muslimani a bili su Srbi ili druge nacionalnosti. Pre nekoliko godina je moj drug, bivši agent CIA i sadašnji čovek u MMF-u rekao da je Srebrenica proizvod dogovora između Američke vlade  i političare u Bosni. Srebrenica kao grad je žrtvovana jer je nakon tog navodnog zločina srba, Amerika imala povoda za napad.
Šta mislite generalno zašto se Jugoslavija raspala, tjst zašto je Vaša vlada imala želju da to uradi?
Sve je jasno, ljudi koji su nekad huškali na rat a ujedno i pripovedali o miru sada su vlasnici kompanija koje eksploatišu razna rudna bogatstva i slično! Jednostavno, napravili su od Vas robove, vaši ljudi rade za džabe i taj proizvod ide u Nemačku i Ameriku, oni zarađuju! A Vi još na kraju morate da otkupite i uvezete ono što ste sami napravili, pošto nemate novca, morate se zadužiti, to je čitava priča sa celim Balkanom!
Niste bili na Kosovu aktivni kao agent CIA, ali da li je i tu bilo nekog pritiska od strane Amerike?
Kako ne! Kosovo je oduzeto iz dva razloga, prvo zbog rudnih i prirodnih resursa a drugo, Kosovo je vojna baza NATO-a! U srcu Evrope je njihova najveća vojna baza.
Imate li poruku za ljude iz bivše Jugoslavije?
Imam. Neka zaborave prošlost, ona je iscenirana i lažirana.Izmanipulisani ste, oni su dobili šta su hteli i glupo je da se Vi još mrzite, morate pokazati da ste jači i da ste shvatili ko je sve napravio! Ja se iskreno izvinjavam! Zato dugo vremena i otkrivam tajne CIA i Bele kuće!
Baer’s biography
Early life[edit]
Baer was born in Los Angeles , raised in Aspen, Colorado, and aspired to become a professional skier. He spent many years of his childhood with his mother in Europe before returning to the US . After a fairly poor academic performance during his first year at high school, his mother sent him to Indiana ‘s Culver Military Academy. In 1976 he graduated from the Georgetown UniversitySchool of Foreign Service (where then-future CIA director George Tenet was a classmate). While a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, he applied to the CIA’s Directorate of Operations (now the National Clandestine Service). Upon admittance to the CIA after graduating, Baer engaged in a year’s training, which included a four-month paramilitary course and several foreign language courses.
He is fluent in Arabic, Persian, French, German and his native English. He is also conversant in Russian, Tajik, and Baluch.
Baer has publicly acknowledged that he worked field assignments in Madras and New Delhi, India; Beirut, Lebanon; Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Morocco; and Salah al-Din in Iraqi Kurdistan during his twenty-one years with the CIA. During the mid-1990s, Baer was sent to Iraq with the mission of organizing opposition to Iraqi president Saddam Hussein but was recalled and investigated by theFederal Bureau of Investigation for allegedly conspiring to assassinate the Iraqi leader.[3][4] While in Salah al-Din, Baer unsuccessfully urged the Clinton administration to back an internal Iraqi attempt to overthrow Hussein (organized by a group of Sunni military officers, the Iraqi National Congress’ Ahmad Chalabi, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s Jalal Talabani) in March 1995 with covert CIA assistance. Baer quit the Agency in 1997 and received the CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal on March 11, 1998.
Baer wrote the book See No Evil documenting his experiences while working for the Agency. The C.I. Desk: FBI and CIA Counterintelligence As Seen From My Cubicle, by Christopher Lynch (Dog Ear Publishing), describes parts of the contentious CIA pre-publication review process for Baer’s first book. In a blurb for See No Evil Seymour Hersh said Baer “was considered perhaps the best on-the-ground field officer in the Middle East .” In the book, Baer offers an analysis of the Middle East through the lens of his experiences as a CIA operative.
Through his years as a clandestine officer, he gained a very thorough knowledge of the Middle East , Arab world and former Republics of the Soviet Union. Over the years, Baer has become a strong advocate of the Agency’s need to increase Human Intelligence (HUMINT) through the recruitment of agents. Baer, long a supporter of the theory that the PFLP-GC brought down Pan Am Flight 103, has recently begun to promote the theory that Iran was behind the bombing.[clarification needed]
In 2004, he told a reporter of the British political weekly New Statesman, regarding the way the CIA deals with terrorism suspects, “If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan . If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria . If you want someone to disappear – never to see them again – you send them to Egypt .”[1]
September 2001 attacks[edit]
Baer had expressed skepticism regarding the events of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, writing in The Guardian “[D]id bin Laden act alone, through his own al-Qaida network, in launching the attacks? About that I’m far more certain and emphatic: no.”[5] However, he later stated, “For the record, I don’t believe that the World Trade Center was brought down by our own explosives, or that a rocket, rather than an airliner, hit the Pentagon. I spent a career in the CIA trying to orchestrate plots, wasn’t all that good at it, and certainly couldn’t carry off 9/11. Nor could the real pros I had the pleasure to work with.”[6]
In June 2009, Baer commented on the disputed election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Iranian President and the protests that accompanied it. “For too many years now, the Western media have looked at Iran through the narrow prism of Iran’s liberal middle class – an intelligentsia that is addicted to the Internet and American music and is more ready to talk to the Western press, including people with money to buy tickets to Paris or Los Angeles; but do they represent the real Iran?”[1]
Lockerbie bombing[edit]
On August 23, 2009, Robert Baer claimed that the CIA had known from the start that the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 had been orchestrated by Iran, and that a secret dossier proving this was to be presented as evidence in the final appeal by convicted Libyan bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. According to Baer, this suggests that Megrahi’s withdrawal of the appeal in return for a release on compassionate grounds was encouraged to prevent this information from being presented in court.[7]

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