Disastorusly deteriorating Ukraine's economy will make her EU's "second class" citizen

Newsletter 2014/02/25 – The EU’s Second Ring
BERLIN/KIEV/BERN (Own report) – In the aftermath of the
Western-oriented putsch in Kiev, German politicians are preparing
German public opinion for the disastrous deterioration of the Ukraine
economic situation. Even though it was most recently suggested that
the country could only expect a thriving development by linking up to
the EU, it is now – truthfully – being announced that Ukraine is
practically bankrupt. The CDU European parliamentarian, Elmar Brok,
predicts “difficult times” ahead: “It has never rained gold coins,
except in fairy tales.” In fact back in the fall, experts had already
indicated that, because of its out-dated industry, the Ukraine would
have to expect dramatic economic slumps if it signs the EU Association
Agreements – unemployment and poverty would dramatically rise. In a
position paper, the Berlin-based German Institute for International
and Security Affairs (SWP) is now proposing the introduction of a
special status in EU ties for the Ukraine as well as other countries,
such as Turkey. This sort of EU “second ring” would also permit the
economic integration of such countries as Switzerland, which
politically resists joining the EU. The SWP contends that these plans
could also be used for Catalonia, should it secede from Spain and
Scotland, from Britain.

By piotrbein