Expansion of German-European military missions

Newsletter 2014/02/27 – How to Make a Bad Situation Worse

WASHINGTON/BERLIN (Own report) – An expert at Berlin’s Institute for
International and Security Affairs (SWP) is warning against an
expansion of German-European military missions. “The analysis of
interventions over the past twenty years” has led to “sobering
insights into the limitations” of foreign military operations,
according to a current position paper published by the SWP. This even
applies to those military operations having the official objective of
preventing massacres. In Libya, for example, “the risk of mass
violence” is, by all means, “considered to be higher today, than
before the intervention” in 2011. The SWP’s expert writes that in the
USA “politicians and scholars” are “to a growing extent, agreeing that
military interventions are an ineffective and extremely expensive
instrument.” In fact, US experts are drawing a devastating conclusion
about Washington’s intervention policy. One political scientist,
taking the example of Syria, found that a military mission to that
country, when seen in light of the experiences of Afghanistan, Iraq or
Libya, would “make a bad situation much worse.” Regardless of such
warnings, Berlin continues to adamantly pursue its expansion of
German-European military missions – for the time being, particularly
in Africa.


By piotrbein