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Antidepressant for cancer patients, Paxil increases risk of breast cancer

5 most insanely stupid lies about health still being pushed by the mainstream media… an institution that’s increasingly detached from reality and losing readers and viewers at a record pace:

Science breakthrough on fluoride as a prominent Harvard professor declares fluoride lowers IQs and makes children stupid:

Radiation from Fukushima contaminated 20,000 square miles in Japan: report

A must-listen interview on mercury toxicity and mercury detox, with Dr. Chris Shade of Quicksilver Scientific who knows more about mercury toxicity than anyone I’ve ever met, and this interview explains in great detail why mercury is so toxic to human biology:

The Obama administration hatched a plan last week to launch a “Ministry of Truth” via the FCC which would send investigators / enforcers to every major news organization across America to interrogate news editors and reporters, making sure they covered the “correct” news that only the White House wanted them to cover. Fortunately, the backlash was so loud and immediate that the FCC backed off this Orwellian plan which smacks of dictatorial control and the total betrayal of the First Amendment. That this attempt even took place is an urgent reminder of just how insidious things have become these days at the highest levels of government:

A UK company plans to commit an environmental crime by release genetically modified mosquitos in Panama — without even conducting adequate risk assessments:

This is the most pressing urgent report I’ve published in at least a year. The battle for humanity is nearly lost. Food is now deliberately engineered to promote death, not nourishment. Food contamination is often not an accident, and even children’s vitamins are designed to cause long-term neurological damage in children. This is the conclusion from extensive laboratory testing and food investigations we have conducted here at Natural News. My article explains all this in considerable (shocking) detail:

As part of the overall campaign to poison children, the American Dental Association (which pushes mercury in the form of fillings) now recommends that infants be fed toxic fluoride chemicals:

The EPA has declared that Bt toxin residue on GM soybeans is “safe” at any level!

Incredible skin-healing properties of oregano oil:

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