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Ultra-Orthodox Leader: “We will take revenge against Israel”

“Hours before the One-Million Protest, the belligerent sides are hurriedly conquering strategic positions, filling bags with sand, preparing bulky barricades, and sharpening speeches. War is here and now; revenge is waiting on the corner. Around it, … ”

Israel: “Sky Defender is Operative”

“…Following an early presentation of the system in the Paris Air Show, Brazil and Italia
had purchased the system. Considering what it does it is safe to assume that more
international orders will reach Elbit’s offices. Considering how it achieves its goal, it
may soon be rendered obsolete…. ”

Octopus Zuckerberg Fights Torah-Burning Nazis

“On February 26, 2014, epiphany arrived on a white dove. …  It showed Israel Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Economy, Trade, Diaspora and Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett dressed as Nazi officers standing under the gate to the Auschwitz burning Torahs and the Talmud while … ”

China and Mossad Waltz on Tnuva

“‘Unlike the Chinese, who as a world empire look 100 years ahead, Israelis look here and
now.’ This sentence… He added “Chinese are very fast, elastic and creative. If we won’t
wake up before… ”

Military Police Acknowledges Using False Evidence

“Really? The world is falling apart, the region is in war, Israel is conducting illegitimate killings in a variety of slow ways and you care about privacy violations by the military police. Really? Give one legitimate reason to keep reading this article and…”

Sochi Battle Reaches Tel Aviv

“…Israel played the game on both sides. “Let’s make the Russian War Room in Sochi while helping our Circassian brothers, who spilled their blood in the IDF, to…”
“Bimbo Son of a Minority:” Semantics of Israeli Racism

“…Son of Minority sounds innocuous in Hebrew; especially since the “son of” and “daughter of” act as some instances of the English verb “to be.” “Son of 20” means that one’s age is 20. “Son of Minority” sounds pure until one remembers that there is no “Son of Jew.” Son of Minority is pure, poetic racism…”

Tokyo Vandalizes Anne Frank

“…Nobody noticed. After all, who would read Anne Frank in Tokyo? After the job was done, the agent left Japan. Another agent approached the …”

Sweet Braveness: Haredi War on Zion Starts on Monday

“… as rare as President Bush reciting Shakespeare. Ultra-Orthodox Jews sent a well-aimed torpedo towards the Zionist ship. …”

Police vs. The People

“… In his daily life, he travels daily through Road 38. After a while, he saw an odd pattern enforced by the police near one of its intersections. Tired from the abuse, he photographed the event and complained to the Police Headquarters.  …”

Jewish Member of the Knesset Calls to Rebel against Zionism

“…we will demand from the Ultra-Orthodox people not to pay taxes, to go out and start a popular civil rebellion, no violent, because we will not allow to a Jewish administration in the Land of Israel to transform this state into an anti-religious state and anti-Jewish state. If they [Zionists] want war, …”

Operation Sunflower

“…The movie deals with Israel’s nuclear capabilities in the case of a war with Iran. It opens at…”

Zara Betrays Israel

“…Suddenly, life was good. The Spanish tailors were not Jews, but shatnez laboratories were available everywhere, so …”

New Military Execution in Tel Aviv

“…the man sitting behind the driver shot two bullets on the BMW…”

Ultra-Orthodox Defeat Zionist Conscription Law

“An unknown party disclosed that Brig. Gen. Gadi Agmon, Head of Planning at the IDF Manpower Directorate held secret talks with…”The Judicial Branch won’t aim a gun at our heads,” Chief of Staff Gantz said on the same day while testifying at…”

Happy Light Rapes Sheikh Jarrah


“How does a pickpocket rob? More often than not, he creates a distraction. The victim looks at something of little value that appears next to his leg and at the same moment an expert hand penetrates his pocket and, walla!, the money is gone. How does a state rob?”

Zion Outraged at German Lies


“Did President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz lie while speaking at the Knesset on February 12?”

At Singapore Airshow: “Israel is a World Power”

“Predator and Heron were operative during the American attack on Afghanistan. The Israeli drone was leased to Australia, and …”

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