The Covert Operation
 Behind Military Suicides: Psychotropic Drugging

The Hidden Enemy Documentary – the Destruction of Psychotropic Drugging

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: Collusion in callous criminality that has no equal – claiming legitimacy by hiding under a fabricated “medical umbrella!  The explosive epidemic of military suicides coincides with an epidemic of prescriptions of unbelievably toxic and dangerous psychotropic drugs.

Under military control, soldiers continue to be the  unwitting sacrificial guinea pigs in this travesty, but not the only ones.  Under “Public Health” the Government is exerting ever more pressure to detect “early potential” of mental disease “– even mandating the “early mental health testing of infants” – and mandatory “early treatment” of potential “mental illness” – fabricated diagnoses that in reality serve only the vested financial interests of Big Pharma and the psychiatric profession –  while sacrificing the lives of a multitude of innocent victims – including the neurological destruction of an entire generation of children –  more realistically effecting the equivalence of chemical lobotomies.

For a well documented expose of this criminal assault on humanity, hiding under the umbrella of “public health medical intervention” to treat subjectively labeled “mental illness’.  watch these two documentaries  –

The Marketing of Madness –  The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs  – Are we all insane?

and  Making a Killing. 

They expose medical fraud of unequalled proportions.

It is becoming obvious that there is an agenda aimed at an entire population under the control of mood-altering drugs.  
Discern the multiple motivations for such a policy!!!!!  
Follow the Money   and  Follow the Appetite for Control.

The Marketing of Madness: the Truth About Psychotropic Drugs  –  Full Movie

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging  –  Full Movie


The Hidden Enemy Documentary 
Exposes The Covert Operation
 Behind Military Suicides

In early 2013, the official website of the United States Department of Defense announced the startling statistic that the number of military suicides in 2012 had far exceeded the total of those killed in battle—an average of nearly one a day. A month later came an even more sobering statistic from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: veteran suicide was running at 22 a day—about 8000 a year.

The situation became so dire that the U.S. Secretary of Defense called suicide in the military an “epidemic.”

Some have claimed that this spate of self-harm is because of the stresses of war. But the facts reveal that 85% of military suicides have not seen combat—and 52% never even deployed.

So what unsuspected factor is causing military suicide rates to soar?

According to the new documentary The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda, all evidence points in one direction: the soaring rates of psychiatric drug prescribing since 2003. Known medication side effects of these drugs such as increased aggression and suicidal thinking are reflected in similar uptrends in the rates of military domestic violence, child abuse and sex crimes, as well as self-harm.

Pull the string further and you’ll find psychiatrists ever widening the definitions of what it means to be “mentally ill,” especially when it comes to post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers—and PTSD in veterans.  And in psychiatry, diagnoses of psychological disorders such as PTSD, personality disorder and social anxiety disorder are almost inevitably followed by the prescription of at least one psychiatric drug.

Psychiatrists know that their drugs do not actually cure anything, but merely mask symptoms.  They are well aware of their many dangerous side effects, including possible addiction.  However, they claim that the risks of the medication side effects are exceeded by their benefits.  And while the soldier’s real problem goes unaddressed, his health deteriorates.

In the face of these grim military suicide statistics, more and more money is being lavished on psychiatry:  the U.S. Pentagon now spends $2 billion a year on mental health alone.  The Veterans Administration’s mental health budget has skyrocketed from less than $3 billion in 2007 to nearly $7 billion in 2014—all while conditions continue to worsen.

The Hidden Enemy reveals the entire situation in stark relief, while urging that soldiers and vets become educated on the true dangers of psychiatry and psychiatric drugs.  The answer lies in their right to full and honest informed consent — as well as exercising their right to refuse treatment.  Our service members need to know there are safe and effective non-psychiatric solutions to the horrors of combat stress, and that these solutions will not subject them to dangerous and toxic treatments that will only send their health spiraling downward.

By piotrbein