German spy ship in the Crimean conflict

Newsletter 2014/03/03 – The Crimean Conflict

KIEV/BERLIN (Own report) – As the Crimean crisis escalates, the German
Navy is dispatching one of its spy ships to the Mediterranean. The
“Alster,” which had already been carrying out espionage on the Syrian
war zone, is reported to have sailed from its homeport. Whether it
will pursue a route through the Mediterranean to the Black Sea remains
the Bundeswehr’s secret. With the Crimean conflict, the power struggle
over the Ukraine is involving an area of utmost geostrategic
importance to Moscow. The Russian Black Sea Fleet is stationed on the
Crimean Peninsula, which is considered “Russia’s diving board into the
Mediterranean,” where Russia has increased activities since 2013,
seeking to counterbalance the USA. It is already being speculated,
that the pro-western putschist government could annul the accord on
stationing the Black Sea Fleet, thereby depriving Russia of this
strategic position. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991,
Moscow has had to watch how NATO has expanded its position in the
Black Sea – with Bundeswehr participation and at the expense of
Russia. Crimea’s geostrategic importance explains why Germany – unlike
in the case, for example, of Yugoslavia – is trying to prevent the
peninsula’s secession and a rapprochement with Russia by all means.


By piotrbein