Christopher Bollyn: ZIM — The Israeli Shipping Company’s Connection to 9-11

ZIM: The Israeli Shipping Company’s Connection to 9-11

Updated February 28, 2014

Added link to Keith Maart’s research article “The Five Celebrating Israelis”

ZIM is the Israeli Mossad shipping company closely tied to intelligence operations.  Was it also involved in 9-11?  The evidence strongly suggests it was.

Keith Maart has written a well-researched paper about the connections between the Israeli-owned ZIM shipping company and 9-11.  The following are just a few of the key points made in this excellent paper:

Zim knew they had to be out of the WTC before September 11th, and that is why they did everything in their power to ensure they would be out of the WTC and in their new Norfolk office by Sept. 4th…

The CIA document basically shows that Israel has the means and experience to carry out false flag attacks by recruiting Arabs as deep cover operatives in covert operations, something they could also have done in the 9/11 operation. Deep cover operatives are often planted years in advance of the execution of an operation and can take on identities and backgrounds to fit the operation…

The fact that Zim probably had at least six months foreknowledge of the specific attack date would suggest they probably had foreknowledge of the entire 9/11 operation…

Given the CI’s [celebrating Israelis] and UMS’s [Urban Moving Systems] various connections to Israeli intelligence and explosives, and Zim’s known support and cover for Israeli intelligence, there is the possibility that the explosives used to take down the three WTC towers were manufactured in Israel and imported to the US on Zim ships. Coincidently, Zim’s main NY/NJ shipping port on 9/11 was Red Hook Port (“RHP”) in Brooklyn, which is a mere 3-mile drive to the WTC and by far the closest and most conveniently accessible to the WTC of the four NY/NJ area ports.

It’s less than 3 miles from the Red Hook shipping terminal to the World Trade Center using the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

Keith Maart’s entire paper can be read at:

Sources and Recommended Reading:  “Zim Shipping: New Evidence suggests Six Months Foreknowledge of the September 11th Attack Date and Potential Involvement in the Israeli Deep Cover Operation” by Keith Maart, February 20, 2014


“The Five Celebrating Israelis: September 11th Foreknowledge and Possible Complicity Corroborated by Evidence from FBI Investigation and Other New Information” by Keith Maart, December 28, 2013

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