Latvian anti-Russian neo-nazi

Newsletter 2014/03/14 – “Liberation Fighters” and “Occupier”

RIGA (Own report) – On Sunday, the most extremist right wing
organizations in Latvia are planning to stage a demonstration in
commemoration of Latvian Nazi collaborators. “Legionaries’ Day”
commemorates Latvia’s Waffen-SS units, honored as combatants against
the Soviet Union. Many of them had helped the Nazi occupiers carry out
mass murders of around 75,000 Latvian Jews, unable to flee before the
Nazis’ arrival. One of the extreme rightwing parties usually
organizing the commemoration procession has a minister in the current
government. One of that party’s leaders expresses the anti-Russian
sentiments of his followers by referring to the Latvian ethnic Russian
inhabitants as “occupiers” and “illegal colonialists.” His party is
calling for their deportation (“repatriation”) to Russia. The
organization “Latvija bez Nacisma” (“Latvia without Nazism”) has
announced it will protest against this commemoration procession.
Ukrainian nationalists had also participated in last year’s


By piotrbein