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Published on Mar 24, 2014

Telephone conversation between the former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Nestor Shufrych and an ex-prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko. March 18, 2014, 23:17 local time.

Shufrych. Indistinctly… Concerning Crimea, I tell you, I’m shocked! I’m shocked! Just today I’ve had a talk with our common friend, he almost weeps… And I asked him, how we were going to…
Tymoshenko. You see, I myself am ready to take the machine gun now and shoot that scumbag in the head.
Shufrych. I said yesterday that should, God forbid it, there be a military conflict… indistinctly… should, God forbid it, there be a military conflict, I’m a reserved officer and my elder son is a reserved officer, both of us would take up arms and defend our country.
Tymoshenko. Indistinctly… Look, it goes beyond all boundaries. F*ck it… we should take up arms and kill the f*cking katsaps (Russians) along with their leader.
Shufrych. I tell you…
Tymoshenko. I wish I had been there and leaded all the actions, they would have eaten sh*t instead of getting Crimea.
Shufrych. By the way, you know I thought about it too. If you had been here at your place, it might have been…indistinctly…though we had no force capacity…indistinctly and you know what is most hurtful…

Tymoshenko. I would have found a way to kill the morons.
Shufrych. And you know…
Tymoshenko. And I hope that as soon as I can do it I will raise all my connections and alert the whole world so as to turn Russia into a burned field.
Shufrych. I tell you that I’m your ally here, and even more than that. I want to tell you… well we’ve had a talk today, this morning there’s been a conference of party leaders and then I talked to Viktor. Vitya asked what we should do to the rest 8 million Russians still living in Ukraine? They are the outlaws!
Tymoshenko. Damn, we should fire nukes at them!
Shufrych. I wouldn’t argue with you here, because what’s happened is a dreadful thing. But there’s a following alternative showing up, because today there are actions which are undoubtedly illegal. These illegal actions should be considered in some international court…
Tymoshenko. Well we are going to the Hague to the International Court of Justice…
Shufrych. And…


Тимошенко предлагает расстрелять 8000000 русских на Украине из атомного оружия

“Телефонный разговор между бывшим заместителем секретаря совета национальной безопасности и обороны Украины Шуфричем и бывшим премьер-министром Украины Тимошенко. 18 марта 2014 года в 23:17 по украинскому времени”

В ситуациях, подобных той, что сложилась на Украине, сотрудникам СБУ, как и всем остальным гражданам, приходится выбирать между формальным следованием служебным инструкциям и верностью гражданскому долгу.
Считаем, что позиция участников разговора — лиц весьма влиятельных — должна стать достоянием общественности. Украинский народ не обязан следовать за своими вождями вслепую и вправе делать выбор относительно собственного будущего.
Нереализованные амбиции отдельных политиков не должны ставить человечество под угрозу ядерного уничтожения. Из записи удалены фрагменты, которые могут скомпрометировать третьих лиц.


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