Ukrainian nationalists no longer useful

[…Brussels has] not made a considerable effort in doing anything to stop these people from gaining power in the first place. We’ve seen previously, it was just at the end of January, that EU diplomats, ambassadors met with the Right Sector and said that they were not a threat to the country and that they presented no violence, that violence came from the government.

And as of right now, actually, the Right Sector has pretty much refrained from violence outside of the Rada, whereas a couple of months ago they were tossing Molotov cocktails and shooting policemen dead in the streets.

But right now, they are seen as no longer useful and as an embarrassment to the putsch, that has taken power, serving only to delegitimize them even further. So the EU would very much like to see them go quietly away. And if they will not go quietly away, I think the EU will back this putsch regime in using force to send them away.

By piotrbein