“City of Angeles” murderous, racist, law-breaking “Law” Dogs

“City of Angeles” murderous, racist, law-breaking “Law” Dogs

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Mar 7, 2013 Why Did LASD’s Scandal-Plagued Undersheriff Paul Tanaka Announce His … Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, the #2 person in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department …. Paul and others are throwing the “Carson (station) gang sign.

Los Angeles Sheriff Scandal: 2 More Deputies Indicted In …

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The Los Angeles Sheriff scandal involving brutality in the L.A. County jail got worse … New Video Game Releases For The Week Of April 6, 2014 See More. Odd + Funny;

WitnessLA.com » Blog Archive » Why Did LASD’s Scandal-Plagued …

Mar 7, 2013 … Why Did LASD’s Scandal-Plagued Undersheriff Paul Tanaka Announce His … For most Los Angeles residents the announcement of the …. of that pic where you , Paul and others are throwing the “Carson (station) gang sign.

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“Vikings” – 1 year old, but well worth the read…

LASD Sex Scandal


LASD Gang Article from 1/2014


OpEd & Assorted LASD Gangs



2. LosAngelessheriffs deputies form gang (57)

3. Baca should be arrested on felony conspiracy charges related to these crimes and face a lengthy prison sentence which is exactly how the sheriffs would treat the kingpin of any street gang in LosAngeles. (55)

Jump Out Boys Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept Gang news

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3. LA County sheriff’s detectives have launched an investigation into an alleged secret officer clique called the “Jump OutBoys.” Deputies gain membership by shooting gang members, the LosAngeles Times reports . (87)


The Gangs of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department

by Morgan Ellison

Most of you have read about the 19 Sheriffs fired by LASD, but many have not heard about what started the FBI probe into the LASD. A Los Angeles Jail Pastor visited an inmate in the Twin Towers Jail and went back for a second visit. It was at this second visit that the Pastor saw the man’s face horribly swollen and disfigured from a severe beating. Numerous jail Chaplains were contacted to document similar inmate abuses and a report was made via the ACLU and Chaplains to the FBI. The FBI sent in three undercover “inmates” who behaved as if a bit slow and dumb; all three undercover agents were beaten severely. There are also three former sheriffs undergoing a murder trial for beating an FBI-informant to death. This was what immediately proceeded the http://www.nbcnews.com/news/other/nearly-20-la-sheriffs-deputies-charged-corruption-inmate-abuse-probe-f2D11717124 19 Sheriff’s deputies being fired.

Recently there was a http://www.altadenapoint.com/2014/03/25/sheriff-candidate-forum-april-6-in-pasadena forum for electing a replacement for former head-Sheriff Lee Baca. During the April 6th debate, the crowd brought up the subject of Sheriff’s gangs, which the LA http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-sheriff-debate-20140406,0,3526356.story#axzz2yFXsgtZX Times referred to as “Sheriff’s Cliques”. Medieval Times gang members sport a medieval “dude” with a swinging ball and chain. Vikings Gang members sport a Viking ankle tattoo. These gangs exist both inside the Twin Towers jail as well as Lods Angeles County-wide. The non-gang rank and file deplore these illegal Sheriffs gangs, who have a reputation for engaging in beatings, planted evidence to seize cars, homes and boats from those the gang deems “criminal”, homicides (like the beaten-to-death FBI informant, etc. The gangs are reputed to “make people they don’t like disappear forever”.

The Viking Gang at one time had a large, poster-size replica of their tattoo art-work hanging on the wall in a substation. Deputy Tanaka, one of the candidates for Head Sheriff, carefully distanced himself from the Viking Gang by stating his tattoo “meant something else” and was un-numbered (older than the numbered-gang-member-tattoos. Would this not make him a Grandfather or God Father to the Viking Gang?

Jim Hellmold was asked about Sheriff”s Gangs… he indicated he does not believe Sheriffs gangs exist. The crowd booed him at the public discussion forum April 6th in Pasadena, California. Even the LA Times, acknowledges the Sheriff’s gangs, though do so using the apologist word “cliques” but alluding to Sheriff’s gangs such as Grim Reaper”, “Regulators,” and  the “Jump Out Boys.” The Sheriff’s gangs are cut less along racial or neighborhood lines and more about running (as in jogging teams, running competition teams). But again, asking employees who are not in the gangs about the gangs, one hears frequent descriptives that include the “F” word, “the gangs make up their own laws”, the words illegal, violent, code of silence, make up the law as they go (they decide who the criminals are while they themselves violate numerous laws) and so forth. It is interesting that Tanaka resigned from the Sheriffs when the FBI was rolling gang-members up in a sting operation, but now that the headlines are fading, Tanaka and his Grand-father-Viking-ankle-Tattoo are seeking the job as Head Sheriff for Los Angeles. What is not likely to ever happen is to find out how many inmates and detainees in the care of the various Sheriff’s gangs are now (circa April 2014) “missing persons”. Is there anyone in Los Angeles better equipped to “get away with murder” than a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Gang, particularly with a gang-member as Head Sheriff? We are all told “violent crime is down” but we are not told how that happened. Hitler and Stalin also had “crime reduction”, but at what cost to human dignity and civil rights?


By piotrbein