ALARM: NSA black-op hacks credit cards to fund black-ops

“DishFire” and “FoxHound” are the new NSA black ops

by Tracy Turner 18.4.2014

Attention, everyone. Hacking “customer credit cards” via “DishFire and “FoxHound” are the new black, as in how to fund black ops (when your black ops budget is cut during a global economic depression). This was a training program, now it is a “live” program



Run for the tills! Malware infected Target registers, slurped 40m …

After your credit card is run through the reader it is immediately encrypted, …. This is how the NSA can fund ‘black ops’ and make it untraceable.



  1. NSAmalware infected over 50,000 computer networks worldwide ……NSA malware infected over 50,000 computer On the NSA‘s network ops page, The DoD budget
wasn’t hurt and the black funds were tripled under More from this site 

  2. “The Mother Of All BlackOps“: The NSA‘s Signals Intelligence …… 
”The Mother Of All Black Ops” Earns A when the National Security Agency’s Signals
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  3. NSA Used Facebook As A Trojan Horse To Infect Targets With …
targeted computers with malware. Through these “implants,” the NSA was how the
National Security Agency exploited Silicon Black Ops Blog Blog More from this site

Leaked NSA documents expose agency’s sophisticated malware

  Leaked NSA documents expose agency’s sophisticated malware


14 March 2014 … According to the Intercept, the NSA’s malware efforts have already infected at least 85,000 to 100,000 … The intelligence “Black Budget” leaked by Snowden listed TURBINE as a main …. March 7, 1947 — December 8, 2013.





NSA ‘Dishfire’ program collects millions of text messages daily

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Top-secret documents from National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden led to a joint investigation between The Guardian and the UK’s Channel 4 News that revealed the agency collects nearly 200 million text messages each day from around the globe as…

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The NSA monitors 100,000 offline computers using radio transmitters

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It is widely known that the NSA intercepts communications over the internet, but you may not have known the agency is spying on more than 100,000 computers that aren’t connected to the net using radio technology.

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Study claims NSA phone data collection is useless in preventing terrorist attacks

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Ahead of President Obama’s expected announcement of widespread NSA reform later this month, a new study brings the agency’s mass phone data collection operation under fire saying that it has had no positive impact on preventing acts of terrorism. …

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Malware on point-of-sale terminals behind Target hack, at least three other well-known US retailers hit using similar methods

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Gregg Steinhafel shed more light on Target’s data breach in a recent interview with CNBC. According to the company CEO, the source of the attack affecting as many as 70 million of its customers was malware installed on its point-of-sale…

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