I petition Canada’s Prime Minister Harper FOR sending CF-18s to Eastern Europe

To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Cc: NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair
Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
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Subject: No CF-18s to Eastern Europe

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am strongly FOR Canada sending CF-18 fighter-bombers as a show of “strength” in Eastern Europe. Send all (both?) of them…
Also all of the other Judeobankster-NATO countries planes — and be done with it! How about manning one of those figher jets “for Canada”, Mr. Harper?

REVELATION! Russian military planes invisible to NATO radars!

For “decision makers” like yourself, I have compiled a research paper:

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Canada sent a few planes to help bomb Serbian families (and Albanian refugees)in gthe “Kosovo war”.

Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism

I have a press photo of those pilots greeted upon safe return by their families…

I urge you to detach from the pro-Zionist side you are so fond of, without even having been elected legally, but plunging Canadians into Judeo-bankster wars and corresponding tax increases.

Piotr Bein


Today at 4:17 PM
Please sign the petition “No Canadian warplanes in Eastern Europe


Harper’s pro-war lobby is now banging the drums of war – this time it is against the Russians over Ukraine.
It’s unbelievable, but today the pro-Harper Globe and Mail ran a blistering call to arms from Derek Burney, Canada’s former Ambassador to the United States under Brian Mulroney and head of Stephen Harper’s transition team in 2006, and Fen Osler Hampson, the hawkish academic who now plays a key role in the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

The two denounce worthwhile diplomatic efforts as “feckless” and decry the alarming deployments of Canadian CF-18 fighter-bombers and other NATO members’ warplanes to Eastern Europe as merely “token” efforts that “pose little threat” to Russia.

Instead, they recklessly support more “potent actions – economic or military.”

It reads like a blast from a dangerous time in the past, during the Cold War.

But from what I am hearing around Ottawa, there’s no doubt that the conflict in Ukraine is bolstering the pro-war lobby. Harper is using Putin’s moves to play tough on the international stage in order to consolidate his political base here at home.

Worse, the dispatch of Canadian CF-18 fighter-bombers now will be used to justify the purchase of F-35 stealth fighters, later. The escalation will increase Canada’s NATO profile while the defence industry looks for more arms sales in Europe – even Canada’s missile defence boosters are using the crisis to bolster their special interests.

We need to take action. We have posted a petition to Prime Minister Harper and all party leaders on Ceasefire.ca.

Please sign the petition “No Canadian warplanes in Eastern Europe” at http://www.ceasefire.ca/?p=18413.

Tell Harper you oppose Canadian military involvement in Eastern Europe, and urge the government to pursue a diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

You may also want to leave comment on the Globe and Mail’s website.

Thanks for everything you do for peace,

Steven Staples, Ceasefire.ca

P.S. Please sign the petition “No Canadian warplanes in Eastern Europe.”


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By piotrbein