German military observers in Ukraine

Newsletter 2014/04/28 – An Unusual Mission

BERLIN/KIEV (Own report) – Many contradictions have appeared over the
case of the captured German military observers in Slavyansk. Contrary
to persisting misinformation, a leading OSCE functionary has confirmed
that the military observers were not on an OSCE mission in the
Ukraine, but rather on a German Bundeswehr mission at the request of
the putsch regime in Kiev. Even before the incident in Slavyansk, the
Bundeswehr considered the activities of this partisan unit – which
officially claims to be acting on the authority of “the Vienna
Document” arms control agreement – to be “unusual” and “unprecedented
in this form.” In fact, the Bundeswehr personnel were not only
involved in a dangerous conflict; they were also engaged on the
territory of a successor state of the Soviet Union. To maintain the
military balance in Europe, the West had once promised Moscow not to
station any military in these countries. Last week, one of the
detained Germans had publicly declared that his delegation was
exclusively monitoring Ukrainian security forces; their mission
statement did not allow anything else.


By piotrbein