Nazi Forced Germanization of Slavs

Newsletter 2014/05/08 

FREIBURG/BERLIN (Own report) – A touring exhibition scheduled to open
Friday in Freiburg, exposes how the Federal Republic of Germany has
been dealing with the Nazi government’s abduction and forced
Germanization of children. Several hundreds of thousands of children,
particularly from the USSR, Poland and Czechoslovakia had been
snatched from their families and kidnapped by the German occupiers
because of an alleged non-Slavic ethnic origin. The Nazi’s objective
was to retrieve “Germanic ethnic substance” through adoption by German
families. It remains unknown, how many kidnapped children lived in
West Germany. The West German Ministry of the Interior helped to
obscure the identities of these children throughout the post-war
period. The Federal Republic of Germany continues to refuse to
compensate the forced Germanized individuals. Their “fate, as such”
constitutes “no criminal offense under a special settlement
regulation,” according to Germany’s current Minister of the Finances.
Slovakian survivors of forced Germanization are expected May 9, for
the opening of the exhibition in Freiburg. The exhibition is scheduled
to also be shown in Berlin and Hamburg.


By piotrbein