The Consequences of Western Secessionist Policy: Massacres in S. Sudan

Newsletter 2014/05/14 – The Consequences of Western Secessionist Policy

JUBA/BERLIN (Own report) – A new UN report sums up mass crimes
committed during the revival of civil war in South Sudan, a by-product
of German-US-American secessionist policy. As confirmed in the report,
South Sudanese militias have committed numerous massacres since
fighting began on December 15, 2013. The number of those killed
exceeds well over 10,000, and refugees are estimated at more than a
million. Even the most recent ceasefire agreement has again been
broken. For years, Washington and Berlin had systematically promoted
South Sudan’s secession – for geostrategic reasons. Their objective
was to weaken Arab-dominated Khartoum, in the context of a major
conflict between the West and insubordinates in the Arab world.
Immediately preceding the July 9, 2011 proclamation of the Republic of
South Sudan, observers had warned that the new country does not have
the necessary political, economic and social prerequisites for a
functioning community and, if it secedes, would run the risk of
sinking into chaos. Washington and Berlin refused to be swayed by
these risks associated with their demands for secession – from which
they saw advantages for themselves. Now, these murderous consequences
are being borne by the South Sudanese population.


By piotrbein