Tracy Turner: Hollywood’s New Uber-Friendly, Uber-Hero-Mentally-Ill “Black Box”

Hollywood’s New Uber-Friendly, Uber-Hero-Mentally-Ill “Black Box”

By Tracy Turner

Caveat: this is not a medical advice article.

One of the “darling medias” new shows is named “Black Box” (please tell us if Black Box is named for Dr. Black, the nymphomaniac-“bipolar”-woman, or for her being in her “within-the-box” as in anger-management, or for the Black-Box-Danger-leaflets of drug side effects? Or is Black Box simply a Rockefeller-Phizer infomercial (Dr. Black takes a handful of Big-Pharma Mass-Shooter Suicide-Pills daily, so multiply all those common and rare side-effects times 4 then cube by a cocktail-of-drug-side-effects). Which is the “real” Dr. Black, the one that has raw-animal-sex with anything with a pulse when she pours her meds down the toilet, or the one that needs an entire database to track her side-effects from taking pills from 4-5 competing Big Pharma divisions?

Hollywood is on a mission to stop having Gore and Aims shoot schizophrenics in the head with red-paint-balls and instead have a red-head-tart have bestial-sex after putting the red-pills (the Matrix?) in the toilet (think Tuna tainted with Xypressa and Lithium carbonate)… When she is done poisoning fish with toilet-discarded pills and being a dominatrix, she shows up at work and saves mentally ill and tumor patients from the 328,000 Iatrogenic-deaths per year in the U.S. alone. All in the shows last 30-minutes. Ya gotta love the mentally ill…

It would seem that the crew of the good-fishing-boat “One-Flew-Over-the-Cuckoos-Nest” need to make an appearance as guest-doctors on “Black-Box” to ad some warm-fuzzies to ameliorate the ever-serious bipolar diagnostic clinician. As well as Anthony Hopkins digesting his cannibal-meat, fava beans and Chianti. Ironically, the TV show named “Black Box” apologist-minimizes “”WARNING: This medicine is an anti-psychotic. It may increase the risk of death when used to treat mental problems caused by dementia in elderly patients. Most of the deaths were linked to heart problems or infection”. The nymphomaniac-red-head-tart on TV takes 4-5 sugar-pills; the real drugs each have a Black Box that tells you each drug separately can kill you.

Typical warning verbiage to Dr. Nymph’s medications: Warning #1 (Antipsychotics): Increased Mortality in Elderly Patients With Dementia-Related Psychosis
Full text of the warning, plus a plain English version of what it means.
Warning #2 (Antidepressants): Suicidality and Antidepressant Drugs
Text of this warning, along with a version in plain English and also other changes that were mandated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Will Hollywood’s “Dr. Blackbox Warning” develop tardive dyskinesia or NIDS – Neuroleptic Induced Deficit Syndrome? Will “our” red-headed heroine be write/producer scripted to battle tardive dyskinesia (uncontrollable motor movements of hands/arms and/or feet or akinesia (sleeping all the time)? Or will she have her drug-prescriber put her on larger drug “cocktails” and wake up choking on drool, gastrointestinal reflux vomit or both? Will she die at age 45-50 from the “curative” drug cocktails? The writers of “Black Box” filled the pilot with sappy drama and crisis (including a “bipolar episode” that passed in 10-minutes rather than the usual 4-5 months). Why did the writers not add a bout of Stevens-Johnson syndrome fatal rash caused by the SSRI-treatment? Or will she merely administer Electro-Convulsive Therapy and a Lobotomy to Jack Nicholson between bouts of poisoning the water-table with toilet-flushed drugs? (The civilized recycle unwanted/unused drugs to a compound pharmacy that does not pollute the ocean with unwanted psych-meds). Dr. Black will no doubt prevail by sheer willpower and because she is loved by a black-man; both external situations will ameliorate, dissipate and prevent Dr. Black from becoming the next Jazmyne Ha Eng. Please do as they film, not as they do, but you should watch every patently false film about faux-mental illness that you possible can. Art improving real life via “prime-time” dramas (sub-prime dramas?)…
TV’s “Black Box” warning shows a slinky, curvaceous bipolar woman, not the 45-lb weigh gain women in this online forum. One of the respondents in this drug-side-effect forum has “exploding head syndrome”; but the culprit-drug is a psych-med rather than cocaine-abuse like on the TV-writers drivel. Real life doctors look off into space while using words like “stability” and “feeling normal” and barely nod their head when asked about sexual side-effects.

Bottom line, “Black Box’s” pilot and first episodes seem more of one more drug commercial and much less about art or life. Take a handful of dopamine-affecting drugs and see how normal you feel. This industry feels slighted by anyone taking one (1) SSRI, alone. Why take one when you can have the side-effects of 3-6 drugs? Will Hollywood’s concocted Dr.m Black deal with SSRI mass shooter suicide pills story lines? Or will the writers continue along the lines of shills for Big Pharma? But let us give the Hollywood crowd due credit: though we may Kelly Thomas them in real life, at least we can all glow with warm fuzz at the enjoyable mentally-ill girl on the screen…

How imaginative can the writers be and follow some semblance of Big Pharma witchcraft? Will Dr. Black end up with a 52-inch bust *and* waistline from Risperdal? Will her employers and co-workers notice her Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) while she has cocktails on top of her Lithium (extremely dangerous!). Since she is (in real life) 12-25 times more likely to be shot by police than the main-stream public, will she survive the “last episode?”
Will Dr. Black end up on celebrity rehab due to years of hardcore-prescription-addiction to “non-addictive” (highly-addictive benzos) Clozapine? Perhaps Hollywood should go back to portraying one (1) villain with symptoms from 3-4 mental disorders in the same person (put Anthony Hopkins in a leather-mask in charge of “Dr. Black’s” workplace). She’s so smart, for a whack-job, surely with another’s love and tremendous self-will she will find Salvation in Big Pharma…

By piotrbein