Ethnic minority policy – Germany, Ukraine, Hungary

Newsletter 2014/05/21 – Strategic Allies

BERLIN/BUDAPEST/KIEV (Own report) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor
Orbán’s demand that the putsch regime in Kiev adopt the German model
of ethnic minority policy is creating strong tensions. At the
beginning of his third term in office, Orbán declared that Ukraine
must grant the Hungarian speaking minority special rights based on
ethnicity, including the right to acquire Hungarian citizenship.
Partisans of the putsch regime have shown understanding for Kiev’s
strong protests: Kiev cannot admonish Russia’s engagement on behalf of
its “compatriots” in Ukraine, while simultaneously allowing Budapest
to do the same thing. Orbán’s ethnic demands are in fact equivalent to
the special rights imposed by Berlin for the “German ethnic minority”
in Poland. Berlin claims that hundreds of thousands of people living
in Poland are allegedly “German citizens” – and have the right to vote
in Germany. Not only is Budapest exacerbating this German ethnic
policy in its foreign policy, but it is also demonstrating the radical
forms ethnic orientation can take in a European country today in its
domestic policy. Berlin, according to experts, supports this
development with “critical solidarity.”


By piotrbein