BREAKING! At Donetsk airport, junta forces killed volunteer religious shield / Port lotniczy Donieck: siły junty zabiły tarczę z prawosławnych ochotników

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AT DONETSK AIRPORT, junta forces killed local Orthodox Christians who wanted to form a human shield between the warring parties

According to the People’s Republic of Donetsk (PRD)  leadership, Ukrainian military attack on the building of the international airport in Donetsk on May 28,  turned into a massacre.

Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin told Izvestia that at the airport there are corpses of the faithful who came to try to reconcile the combatants.

– Donetsk Orthodox faithful have walked a regular procession around the building of the regional administration on May 28, then went to the airport to stand between the warring parties and to stop the bloodshed. But militants burned them alive; bodies now lie with the others next to the airport terminal building. How many, it is still unknown – said Purgin. – Also near the airport six local residents have been killed and 44 wounded in recent days.

According to PDR leader Dennis Pushilin, it is impossible to collect the bodies, since  snipers open fire on anyone who tries to approach.

On May 26, Donetsk Mayor Alexander Lukyanenko confirmed the death of at least 40 people as a result of the punitive operation conducted by Ukrainian security forces near the airport and the city of Donetsk.

– Our primary goal is to unblock the terminal building to collect corpses and get to the injured people, which is now impossible because of constant firing by the snipers –  Purgin said.

Fighting in Donetsk began at noon on May 26. The National Guard undertook the attack of the airport terminal after a night when, according to representatives of self-defense, the building passed under control of people’s militias without firing a shot.

Later, a truck under a flag of medical help, carrying the wounded from the airport, was shot at,  killing 35 people, according to the militias.

According to PDR defense headquarters, the truck drove the wounded from the battlefield. First, snipers “took out” the driver, and then the vehicle was hit by a hand grenade. Those who survived, were finished off with machine guns by gunmen of the Right Sector. Nobody in the truck survived.


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