Pesticide Control, Psych Drug Control Is Gun Control

Pesticide Control, Psych Drug Control Is Gun Control

By Tracy Turner
Caveat, this is not a medical advice nor a gun-control article.
This “List of 45 Mass Murders and Pharma Drugs they were on” is an excellent read, but merely a drop in the bucket compared to other psych-med-violence lists and databases. According to Yahoo Answers: “It is now 1 in 100 in the US not 1 in 150 (rate of ADHD/Autism Births);
There are approximately 11,000 children born in the US each day-110 of the children born each day have a form of Autism which breaks down to about every 13.09 minutes a child is born with a form of Autism in the US.”… According to the Center for Disease Control, Canada, pesticides cause ADHD, ADD, Autism and Asperger’s.
So, we can deregulate and return to the wild, wild, west with Pesticides. We can deregulate SSRI drugs and have Drug Company reps, drug companies, doctors, school “social” workers and school psychiatrists pass out both diagnosis and “free” sample packs of Prozac, Cymbalta, Cylert, Lithium, Lexapro, Concerta, Depakote, Xypressa, Dalmane, Klonopin, etc.
Imagine the surprise when previously-written articles that urged gun control slowly morphed into pesticide-control/psych-med-control articles. Some of you are going, “huh?” Look at it this way, every 13.09 minutes, a potential “school-shooter-embryo” suffers pesticide damage in vitro. Every 13.09 minutes, a pesticide-damaged child is diagnosed and put on Ritalin, Prozac or a cocktail of Mass-Shooter-Suicide-Pills.
Is it fact or theory that Adam Lanza’s brain and central nervous system were doused with Organophosphate Insecticides in vitro, making him a “special needs” (damaged-goods?) child. Does anyone in the audience think Big Pharma profits would soar from banning ADHD-causing pesticides (spin-offs from US/Soviet/WWII Chemical Warfare)? Here, Adam, here’s the key to the gun-cabinet, take your Cylert, Cymbalta and your Prozac, let’s go practice at the gun range. ADD shot-up Sandyhook, it could not have been pesticide-birth defects and the side-effects of “the cures”…Is it right to abolish the 2nd Amendment because of what Big Six-farm pesticides and their kissing-cousin-drug-companies touting their wicked-warez on TV did? Spray the house with Raid, spray the lawn with Ortho and Bayer while Mommy’s pregnant; vote “no, I do not want pesticides used on the label of my food”. Agent Orange and Pfizer need to make my kid ready to shoot up a classroom so we can all blame the NRA.
Granted, the NRA is tasteless, ignores “well-regulated” and promotes profits for arms makers. The Big Six promote ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s. Big Pharma and publishers promise “treatment” for genetically-altered children, the “challenged”. We are all challenged, but the pesticide kids are faced with altered genes, flooded with drugs that have black box warnings and often four competing theories about “how the drug is thought to work”.  How efficacious is it to lay all of this on an inert gun? Is Orthene Insecticide in Orange Juice drunk by both mother and child inert? Is a cocktail of three-six mass-shooter-suicide-pills inert? Both change the genes and thinking and synaptic-nerve-impulses of a child long before they are physically strong enough to pick up a firearm.
Many states have mandatory “cooling-off-periods” before buying a hand-gun; which state requires a 9-month cooling-off-period for a fetus before it can absorb food pesticides? The school psychiatrist wants to put little Danny or Brianna on Ritalin, but first there is * what  * one-semester cooling-off-period before titrating the juveniles blood with a drug that “it is thought to work in one of four or more manners”. The public at large scratches their heads and imagines morality slipping away; the chemicals have nothing to do with it. The mentally ill are eternal, but the pesticide-laced food, water and drugged-kids fit the exact time-frame of the mass-shootings/suicides.
The public moral outrage at the 2nd Amendment grows exponentially every school shooting, with journalists, even this one a few times, outraged over ammo calibers, magazine capacity, etc. Having once been among the unenlightened, here are four theories about how mass shooting suicides (on campus, in crowded theaters, etc.) are “thought to work”:
It is thought that farm pesticides increase ADD/Autism “treatment” profitability.
It is thought that the label “Schizophrenic, Autistic, Bipolar, etc., pulls the trigger, not the birth defects from pesticides nor the drug-cocktail-side-effects.

It is thought that new NRA memberships are driven up following each shooting, therefore stringent pesticide and drug laws should be avoided.

It is thought that requiring doctors and patients to have a 30-day-colling-off period before ingesting pesticides and psych drugs is bad for gun sales, pesticide sales and drug sales (a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment Rights of potential new mass shooters).

Henry’s rifles were circa U.S. Civil War while rapid fire rifles (now hung with the moniker “assault” rifles were used in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, etc. There were neither the tasteless NRA rallies next door to victim’s families nor the public outcry to ban banana-clips, 7.62 ammo, etc. But post Columbine, America’s so-called Right and Left fight sham battles that leave out all that could easily be agreed upon: prevent ADD/Autism with pesticide bans, heavily regulate Psych med “free samples” handed out like Halloween Candy. Notice this anti-mass-shooter-writer no longer believes in “gun-bans?” It is because guns, when properly used and stored, do not cause Autism and Psych-med side-effects…

What would happen if the full power of the National Rifle Association, as a move to secure 2nd  Amendment Rights for posterity, took on Dow, Bayer, Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and BASF for causing brain and nerve damage * that lead to the Sandyhook Shooting *? Imagine every member of the NRA and the NRA’s public-relations firms taking on the SSRI’s in the US including but not limited to: Prozac, by Eli Lilly, Paxil by GlaxoSmithKline, Zoloft by Pfizer, and Celexa and Lexapro by Forest Laboratories? Standard Oil’s Ortho Orthene and the drug manufacturer’s either maimed Adam Lanza in vitro or were inside his brain (the SSRI-drugs) as he pulled the trigger.

SSRI Stories has over 2,200 documented cases of SSRI-violence and SSRI-insanity on their website. Guns do not have the side-effect(s) of causing ADD nor of changing the gun owner’s brain; pesticides and drugs do that…

In 1950, how many school kids with genetic birth defects being “treated” with SSRI’s took Garand Carbines to school. The news media and 2nd Amendment fans (NRA) keep ignoring the evidence. Perhaps the bigger question is why? The gap in minutes elapsed between ADD/ADHD births is down to 13.09 minutes, but farm pesticide profits have never been greater. Profits from shoveling out ADD/ADHD SSRI “cures” for preventable birth-defects have never been higher. Each new shooting (and NRA fear mongering) cause a run on guns and ammo; gun and ammo sales and newbie NRA memberships are always higher in the aftermath of each mass shooting. This is what is known as win-win-win for Big Pesticide, Big Pharma and Big Gun Manufacturer, all claiming that “ADD did it”… Do not expect three industries whose sales go up after a mass shooting to be on the side of John Q. Public…


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