German institute: Ukraine should not enter NATO

Newsletter 2014/06/05 – The Finnish Model

BERLIN/KIEV (Own report) – In the West’s hegemonic struggle against
Russia, German government advisers are calling for close military ties
between Ukraine and the Western war alliance. According to a recent
paper published by the German Institute for International and Security
Affairs (SWP), Ukraine’s direct accession to NATO would be
counterproductive and should not be sought. This, however, should not
impede an intensification of cooperation, joint military maneuvers
and, in the long run, the country’s arms build-up in favor of the
West. In its paper, the SWP is proposing a “Finnish model” for
Ukraine’s future: Finland is not an official member of a military
alliance, but has close ties with NATO and is practically allied with
the West. Similarly, Kiev could combine a formal “non-alignment” with
close partnership with NATO. The US foreign policy mainstream is
sharing this view: Ukraine’s NATO membership is seen as too risky
because it could push the country into the ultimate abyss and – In the
long run – heavily incriminate the Eastern members of this war
alliance. The plans for closer cooperation between NATO and Ukraine
are accompanied by intensified military activities in East European
NATO member countries.


By piotrbein