Insurgents shot military transport plane near Lutugino (Lugansk republic) / Powstańcy postrzelili wojskowy samolot transportowy

Friday, June 13

13:39 GMT:

Thick smoke is coming from Lugansk Airport, as well as non-stop shooting, Ukrainian UNN agency reports, citing witnesses.

“Smoke is coming from the airport building. Shooting has started, and it has been unceasing for more than 10 minutes,”
a witness was quoted as saying.

Earlier, the self-defense forces claimed to have shot down a Ukrainian military transport aircraft in Lugansk Region, which they said apparently managed to land at Lugansk Airport, but started burning.

12:15 GMT:

Self-defense forces in Lugansk shot down “with small arms” a Ukrainian military transport aircraft near the eastern village of Lutugino, said the head of the self-proclaimed republic’s press service, Vladimir Inogorodskikh, as quoted by RIA Novosti. Following this, smoke was seen coming from the aircraft as it headed to Lugansk Airport, he said.

Currently, thick smoke can be seen coming from the airport, he claimed.

Apparently the aircraft managed to land and is burning.”

By piotrbein