Roy Tov: Jewish Defense League Extreme Prejudice

Jewish Defense League Extreme Prejudice Towards an American Citizen

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.Mathew 24:12-13



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Many years ago, in the previous millennium, the USA was occupying certain Asian state. A story about the sad event refused to die; I heard it several times from various sources. It is impossible to validate, but to some extent I know both cultures and find it possible and credible.

The CIA wanted to manipulate certain company in that country. They invited its chairman to visit the USA, where a professional event took place. A sweet trap was set. After searching countrywide, the CIA found the best prostitute and delivered her on the path of the businessman.

Next morning, he was approached by two gentlemen that asked him to join them for a coffee in a private corner of the hotel’s coffee shop. Deadly serious, they pulled out pictures from a dark envelope, showing the businessman and the lady. “He is ours,” the ethnocentric Westerners thought.

The businessman studied the images with fascination. He smiled and said “Can I get a copy to show my wife?”

Cultural Bias

Hebrew readers face serious troubles while trying to read the Iliad and the Odyssey Greek epics. An acceptable translation will never exist because the text is unacceptable in Hebrew. Thinking in the succinct language of the Old Testament, I need to remind myself to add adjectives while writing in English. The sacrifice of Isaac, one of the most intense events in the Bible, is described in a few verses.*

Different Writing Styles

Different Writing Styles
The City of God

In contrast, Homer wrote in his elegant Greek, pages and pages and even more pages describing tiny, irrelevant events. They had a lot of leisure time in Ancient Greece.

We live in different times; Greek ease is gone and Biblical epic wars are on our doorsteps, smashing our toes.

Epic Attack

Thus, allow me to skip much of the details in the story of Tom Mysiewicz attack by the Jewish Defense League.

In 1992, the American Jewish Congress (AJC) put on a press conference promoting fetal tissue research and giving it a religious sanction. Tom mentioned that in an article in BioEngineering News in May 1992 entitled “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

He showed that the procedure was a crime against humanity as defined in the Nuremberg Conventions (“Doctrine of Informed Consent”) and predicted it was immoral and would lead to organ stealing. This is not very different in its criminality to the described in State of Israel Forced the Sterilization of Ethiopian Women.

Tom found himself under financial attack by individuals identifying themselves as Jewish, who were acting on the basis that he and the publication BioEngineering News was anti-Semitic. An AJC lawyer offered to “fix things” with the Jewish community if Tom would retract the article.

Following an epic development, he received recently threatening letters from the Jewish Defense League. A subscriber of this website, Tom sent them to me.

Let’s analyze this extraordinary example of legal terrorism.

“Wolf, wolf!” Cried the Wolf

I got two letters from Tom sent to him by an unidentified individual through the official address of the Jewish Defense League.

Both look unprofessional and clearly unworried about making false accusations and threatening the addressee.

Here is the first:

“From: Jewish Defense League
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 5:10 AM
To: Tom Mysiewicz
Subject: Greetings from JDL

Mr Mysiewicz

In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by hate-filled antisemites like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice.
You clearly enjoy indulging your pathological hatred of Jews on those ‘hate’ sites that you frequent, but there are three things that you should remember: The code that we live by is ‘never again’; our loathing of those who incite hatred against Jews is stronger than their hatred of us; we didn’t choose you as an enemy, you chose us.
Jewish Defense League”

I was relieved to find that the unidentified person had skipped a historical review of what he calls anti-Semitism. However, he should have been honest, while at least mentioning that along history Jews have a long history of attacking their neighbors. Only yesterday new developments on the ongoing feud between American Jews and American Presbyterians were published, see Presbyterians Divest Israel (again).

Periodic Israeli-Jewish attacks on their neighbors are mentioned by most newspapers, including Israeli ones, which I often quote. Are these reports anti-Semite? Is the Jewish Defense League claiming that denouncing the violence of its financial supporters is forbidden?

I was pleased to find an acknowledgment of their hatred, which I won’t define “pathological.” It is worse. “Our loathing of those who incite hatred against Jews is stronger than their hatred of us.” Yes, you are right. The Jewish Defense League promotes hatred and violence. Do you want me to tell you the origin of such theology? Will you sue me if I analyze your satanic interpretation?

“Pathological hatred,” you said, using a Western adaptation of what survivors of the Soviet horror known as “Psikhushka,” which was described in Western Psikhushka Killed Demjanjuk. A mock-science claiming that cultural and behavioral parameters are unchangeable. A mock-science serving politruks by creating Gulags for those criticizing the government; much of this horror was created by cherished members of the Jewish community.

Honorable Jewish Defense League, would you please share with us on what do you base your eminently learned assessment of Tom?

Let me help you on this, since Soviet times, Psikhushka professionals need not to answer this. It is their prerogative. Say “it was an epiphany” if you have the urge to answer.

Tom contacted me on the issue after he was scared by two words in the letter. “Extreme prejudice” is part of an English military idiom. “Terminate with extreme prejudice” means to assassinate. It was derived from employment contracts, which use the term “termination with prejudice,” and was popularized during the Vietnam War.

He fears that he had been threatened with assassination.

I often report on Hebrew idioms and semantics; this is my main language. He is correct. He has been openly threatened.

The contacts between the American citizen and the foreign Titans threatening him continued. Let’s see another threatening letter sent the following day:

“From: Jewish Defense League
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 2:06 AM
To: Tom Mysiewicz
Subject: Re: Greetings from JDL

Mr Mysiewicz

Of course you disagree with the last statement – we wouldn’t expect anything less. The kind of extreme, conspiracy/paranoia-based antisemitism that you publicly embrace means that you imagine Jewish malevolence lies behind every corner. You see it in everything that happens in this world, and the fantasies provide both a convenient scapegoat, and also a comfort-blanket for your own personal failures. We know people like you all too well, and you are very much a ‘type’. You see yourself as intelligent, worldly, knowledgeable and a “noted science writer”. In reality, you’re a dysfunctional fantasist with a long history of professional and personal failure. You have achieved nothing, and you have nothing. You have found your level – as a mushroom picker, and your anger, frustration and disillusionment manifests itself via an obsessive hatred of a people who represent everything that you wanted to, but could never be.
Ironically, you are now going to be as “noted” as you’ve always wanted to be. The people that you hate are going to make you famous. We are going to send a dossier containing your name, address, photograph, internet history (on ‘hate’ sites) and all of your antisemitic comments to both local/Oregon, and national media, as well as to many prominent people in Douglas County, including every member of Reedsport City Council. You will be outed locally and nationally as one of the USA’s most revolting, hate-filled antisemites. And when we have completed that particular project, we will be bringing the justice that you deserve to your doorstep.

Jewish Defense League”

More Jewish Psikhushka, more unproven claims, more imagined assumptions; the only reason the Jewish Defense League has the audacity to send such a mishmash of hatred and violence is that it knows for sure that Tom lacks the means to sue them for libel. The ADL won’t help him, despite this being a clear defamation effort.

In 2009, Larry David and HBO provided a disgusting example of Jewish hatred; a parallel act toward a Jewish image would have led to an ADL lawsuit and claims of the USA being anti-Semite (see An Ocean Apart). For unclear reason, the Jewish Defense League invariably forgets to mention this Jewish cultural violence.

To balance the image, allow me to quote one of letters Tom sent me:

“It’s really sad to see people so twisted they can only understand the world in terms of hate. Our business was quite successful and made money 12 out of 13 years (the last, coincidentally, was a big loss) and I was quoted as an authoritative source in the Wall St. Journal, Business Week, Chemical Week, The San Jose Mercury Messenger, SF Examiner, LA and NY Times, The Economist and a host of others, and was even on CNN once. Numerous copyrighted works of mine are in the Library of Congress. I only got laid off from one of the jobs I had previously (and I have a letter of recommendation from that boss) the others I left when I got higher paying offers. I’ve also been happily married for 36 years, another great personal failure!”

The letters from the Jewish Defense League are one of the world’s most revolting, hate-filled examples of un unjustified defamation by the Jewish community. They cannot sue Tom because the allegations are false, thus they threaten and attack. President Obama, is the function of a Fifth Column within your empire legal?

“Wolf, wolf” cried the Wolf, adding in an intimate whisper “I will kill the sheep.”

Rachel Corrie Rachel Corrie Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie being murdered by the IDF with Caterpillar equipment



Will Roi Tov be assassinated by the State on August 31?

Tupac Amaru Execution

Tupac Amaru Execution

Bolivia has robbed all my belongings and documents in the unholy name of Zion & Associates. I survive thanks to an American ATM-credit card that will expire in August.

Without my documents I cannot get a new one. Receiving mail and packages without identity cards is impossible. Moving out from the cheap guesthouse where I am regularly attacked is impossible. Leaving La Paz and Bolivia without documents is impossible. They check ID’s at toll gates placed at the cities’ access points and sometimes also along the roads.

It may not look so from the articles, but I seldom have time to even check them superficially. I write while constantly monitoring the air I breathe for gas, and surrounding people attempting to attack me. This is done after having spent a night securing myself against attacks, and after walking through predatory streets. This is done while consuming water and food demands me to be my own poison-tester. I live under constant State-sponsored terror.

After the card expires, even this horror will look as a luxurious vacation. A few days after that, I will be unable to pay the guesthouse. Surviving one night out on the violent streets of La Paz is impossible. People are killed every day here for the most worthless items.

“The choco must have something of value,” they will exclaim and attack. “Choco” is a derogatory term used by Bolivians against foreigners of dark hair. Blonde foreigners are called “gringos.”

In September 2012, I published 15-Day Execution Order. I won’t fight my de facto execution. Yet, I want to remind Bolivia that its legal predecessor executed Aymara leader Tupac Katari in 1781, he was torn by his extremities into four pieces. Despite the government rhetoric, nothing was learned since then. Katari’s last words were:

Naya saparukiw jiwayapxitata, nayxarusti waranqa, waranqanakaw kut’anixa…
You are only killing me, we will return millions!

Will Roi Tov suffer a reenactment Tupac Katari’s assassination by the Andean State?

* Part of this is the result of a sophisticated verb system, which with exactitude and richness replaces auxiliary verbs and the need of additional descriptions.

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