Polish-American relationships – military alliance or social club?

PB: Neither of the roles suggested in the headline, I’m afraid… simply a lackey of the same Jew banksters, who over the years have systematically transformed the USA into their “global aircraft carrier”.

Consequently, just like lackey crypto-Jew Kalkstein (Kaczynski) did everything Poles did not need against Russia, so, too, he was annointed by the same Jew-CIA service for the martyr role of chief victim of the “Polish 9/11” = the April 10, 2010,  catastrophe of the Polish plane-load of Polish gov’t and miltary VIPs at Smolensk on April 10, 2010… Anybody smell BrzezinSSky’s “galvanizing event”?

Irrelevant, even a joke to most Poles, incl. those who suddenly called him the greatest Pole post-humously, his 4/10 ‘martyrdom’ miraculously became precipitator of clinical Rusophobia among most of Poles, conditioned previously by Jew media to hate Russia, incl. for the WW2 Katyn Crime, orchestrated and carried out by Soviet Jew NKVD.   No wonder 4/10 was touted ‘Katyn II”…

So I and a few other thinkers who know BrzezinSSky & Co, adventures globally, don’t believe any Russian villainy in 4/10.


Polish-American relationships – military alliance or social club?

Bob Kordecky (Chicago)

Disclosing of secret recording of scandalous and unfortunate opinion about Polish-American relationships, Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Radek Sikorski expressed in private conversation has provoked a lot of critical comments in USA.  For example,
according to Doug Bandow of Cato Institute: “America should maintain alliances only when doing so makes Americans safer.  Backing Poland against Russia does not.”

Unfortunately, American alliances and foreign relationships are a little more complicated and anybody must ignore some political and cultural taboo to understand the real situation. Could you imagine any American politician or analyst who would dare to write similar article about another troublesome American ally, i.e. Israel. Powerful Jewish lobby in USA creates situation called sometimes as “elephant in china store” So, Americans must turn blind eye on their double loyalty and double-standard politicians and citizens. That’s why we cannot expect the same honest articles about Israel like those written about Poland but let me tell you history of two Polish famous politicians – brothers Kaczynski – to understand reasons why they were so strongly engaged in anti-Russian politics.

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Brothers Kaczynski and policy of Russia encirclement

Some suspicions, concerning involvement of Russian secret services in the tragic death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in airplane crash near Smolensk in Russia in 2010, should remind Poles about their bad neighborhood. Unfortunately, Lech Kaczynski and his brother Jaroslaw supported fanatically political ideas created by American neocons and Israeli hawks.  Playing the patriotic and anti-Russian feelings of parts of Poles, they cynically trapped Poland in the strategies developed by neocons and Israeli lobbyists in the U.S., whose one of the elements was encirclement of Russia.

The neocons’ doctrine of so called “the long war” focused on the coordination of policy and military strategy of NATO, USA, Israel and several Muslim countries, associated in Istanbul Cooperation Initiative.  An important role in this strategy was also assigned to two new countries (formerly Soviet republics), i.e. Georgia and Ukraine, pretending to be members of NATO. To understand “strange” behavior of Lech Kaczynski, who engaged with firmness in support of Yushchenko, Saakasvili, Belarussian opposition and Israel it is useful to review the article by Michel Chossudovsky Debating “War and Peace” behind Closed Doors: NATO’s Riga Security Conference,  in which he discussed the secret program of NATO Conference that took place in Riga in 2006 where doctrine of “the long war” was presented.

Although security of supply of oil and gas to Western states would be considered as the main objective of this strategy, not less important goal was also ensuring security of Israel, as well as, involvement of NATO in planned attack on Iran.  From the beginning, such countries like Germany and France expressed no enthusiasm for this kind of aggressive policy, which also was associated with isolation and  encirclement of Russia.  It was not also popular among Western societies; take as  an example a sharp decline in the popularity of Prime Minister Tonny Blair of Great Britain, who like Lech Kaczynski, trapped his country into the uncritical support for the adventurist policy of the United States and Israel.

Poles remember  Lech Kaczynski reckless actions during conflict between Georgia and Russia, in which ignoring the position of  leaders of the EU and well-understood interests of Poland, he committed to achieving the plan of Israeli strategists to use in future Georgia as a kind of “unsinkable aircraft carrier”  for Israeli aircrafts during expected attack on Iran.  Russia’s military action halted those plans. Investigative journalist Vadim Stolz disclosed some intriguing secret cooperation between Mossad, CIA and Ukrainian secret services captured by neo-Nazis, concerning Georgia.

Now, it is easy to understand why Lech Kaczynski was so reluctant to celebrate the  anniversary of the massacre of Poles in Volhynia by Ukrainian nationalists during WWII, simultaneously using Katyn tragedy for anti-Russian propaganda.  His hypocrisy was astonishing.  On one hand, he demanded from Russian authorities to disclose all documents, concerning communist war crimes committed on Polish officers but a few years earlier, as Polish Minister of Justice, ordered interruption of exhumation in Jedwabne where local Polish citizens were accused of organizing  pogrom of Jews during WWII when its results did not confirm Jewish accusations (for example German ammunition was found in remains in Jewish graves).

His decision allowed the Jews to carry out an unprecedented anti-Polish propaganda campaign of world media, including calling German-Nazi concentration camps as “Polish death-camps” (even President Obama used this false name in his speech).  This anti-Polish propaganda was a kind of preparation for demanding huge compensation for Holocaust victims from Poland. That’s why Jewish propaganda apparatus wanted to make Poles as accomplice of Nazi crimes.  If USA is a real friend and ally of Poland, American government should persuade their Jewish kinsmen to stop their smear campaign against Poland and to abandon their unreasonable compensation demands.

Michael Schudrich Chief Rabbi of Poland mentioned in his farewell letter titled We lost the friend, that Lech Kaczynski  who did not like to travel abroad and did not know any foreign language, repeatedly visited Israel. It is not a secret that Lech Kaczynski aligned his foreign policy with Israeli politicians, including chief of Mossad. Contrary to what some activists  of his Law and Justice party say, the decline in his popularity was not the result of attacks by the media, sympathetic to the competitor Citizens Platform. I have no doubts that Polish citizens also came  in the end to the conclusion that such pro-American and pro-Israeli policy resulted in isolation  of Poland among EU allies and led to conflicts with Russia and other neighbors.

Unfortunately, current strong anti-Russian engagement of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his government in Russian-Ukrainian conflict, following American guidelines, does not make Poland safer.  Poles remember what value had guarantees of our Western allies France and Great Britain made soon before beginning of WWII.  Poland due to its democratic traditions and love of freedom always admired United States but Poles must remember what Doug Bandow told: “America should maintain alliances only when doing so makes America safer.  Backing Poland against Russia does not.”

By piotrbein