Judaic tactics in Jewropeanizing Moldova and Romania

Newsletter 2014/07/11 – Association and Disintegration

BERLIN/CHISINAU (Own report) – Western diplomats are not ruling out
the possibility that the Republic of Moldova will be divided up
between Russia and Romania now that the EU Association Agreement has
been ratified. Along the lines of various scenarios, this breakup even
seems “probable,” according to the latest issue of the leading German
foreign policy magazine, “Internationale Politik.” The EU Association
Agreement will, in fact, exacerbate the already existing social
discord in Moldova. There is open resistance to the country joining
the German-European sphere of hegemony. Whereas, on the one hand,
Bucharest has granted Romanian citizenship to around 400,000 Moldovan
citizens and considers the absorption of Moldova into Romania to be a
realistic option, Western observers are accusing Russia of having
created Moldovan NGOs to gain political influence in that country.
This is a precise description of that the West considers a completely
normal political method, when it is used by the West, but criticizes
even a suspicion of its rivals doing the same.


By piotrbein