Putin: Kiev needs to respect elementary norms of honesty / Rząd w Kijowie trzeba przywołać do przestrzegania podstawowych norm uczciwości

Владимир Путин на заседании Совбеза РФ: нужно призвать киевские власти к соблюдению элементарных норм порядочности

  • West’s protégés in Ukraine ‘partly lost sovereignty’ – Russian Security Council SecretaryThe West’s protégés in Ukraine have to some extent lost sovereignty and are making decisions according to the dictate of other countries, ITAR-TASS quoted Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev as saying on Tuesday. They were not paying enough attention to the objective data and “simply present certain phenomena the way they want to see them, and cite, among other things, social networks and incompetent opinions,” Patrushev said during a Security Council meeting headed by President Vladimir Putin.

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