VIDEOS (in text) Soul behind “Russian bear” cliche: Animal rights org takes bear cubs away from “mom” into taiga / Dusza za kalką ‘ruskiego miedwiedja’: Organizacja praw zwierząt odebrała niedźwiadki “mamie” do tajgi

whalePB: Lame official excuse, there’re plenty of cases bears and other ‘wild’ animals live alongside good people w/o problems. True, moving stories range from monk-bear, -lion, and -wolf togetherness, thru tales of rescue by whales, to lone sailors’ reports of frolicking dolphins keeping company in the open sea. There is something mysterious and beautiful about man-animal affection and it need not be destroyed by officials. A friend of mine regularly feeds crows out of his porch, they have a beautiful trusting ‘relationship’. I do not scare wild rabbits in my backyard, and in return they come close, unafraid. Neighbour’s kids do, and they will never taste the priviledge of approaching the furry  one.

So it’s ok to have a pitbull or German shepherd that could go nuts and severely bite people or the owner (it happened to my friend in Poland; the dog bit me, too), but not for “wild”animals that eventually find food on their own, keeping friendship with man. One of the cats in my family, raised from kitten by my daughter, chose freedom eventually, roaming the neighbourhood in search of food and adveventures. It was found killed by a racoon or a coyote one day. Murder in the family — cried my daughter over the phone.

What trauma for the cubs, having already lived thru killing of their natural mother! The officials deprived the small ones of a bond they have developed with the women who cared for them. What will the officials do when the cubs return, 600 km from the taiga, to their ‘mother’? What will the officials do when one or more of the bears develop hatred and kill someone in revenge?

Normal animals don’t kill people. only sick, hating and threatened ones. Years ago, while kayaking in Canadian semi-wilderness, a bear came stealthily at night and ate left-overs from a pot outside the tent. My wife heard only barely discernible ‘cling’ at night.  As we were packing the kayak in the morning, the bear was watching us from behind a tree. A few weeks on, we met a young couple whose tent (with them inside!) was attacked by a bear next to the railway station in Banff (Rocky Mountains).

Back to the story below… The officials threatened to kill the cubs, should the “mom’s” care  not stop. There are cases of humans ‘training’  semi-domesticated creatures to behave in their ‘wild’ way. After some research on geese migration, a guy in Canada flew a powered hang glider, taking his flock of orphaned geese to wintering grounds far south in the US. He tought them what to do, as their natural mother would.

Perhaps the officials should have instructed the bear ‘mom’ to teach her ‘kids’ proper behaviour, instead of traumatically separating the ‘family’.

I believe animals have souls and feelings. Dry stiff officials holding on to their supposedly humane positions for ego and power — don’t.


Медвежат, которых выкормили нефтяники, поймали и увезли в тайгу

Российские нефтяники выкармливают троих осиротевших медвежат

Медвежат, которых выкормили нефтяники, поймали и увезли в тайгу





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