“Israeli” kids bless IDF tank: “Go with God & kill lots of Arabs for us”

Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens


“Israeli” kids bless IDF tank: “Go with God & kill lots of Arabs for us”


ed note from Trevor; “Israeli” children are subjected to indoctrination with holocaust propaganda to terrify them in their formative years, and this is what makes them grow up to be paranoid and ready to engage in the Wolfowitz-style doctrine of “pre-emptive warfare,” which originally comes from the various books of Judaism, for instance, the “Book of Esther.” Gilad Atzmon calls this Jewish state-of-being “pre-traumatic stress disorder.” However, it is plain to see that these children are PLENTY traumatized…by their own parents and their own regressive, tribal norms. Notice that they don’t say, “kill lots of militants and Hamas fighters,” but “kill lots of Arabs.” They are literally taught that Arabs and other gentiles are nothing but animals, and that the Jews’ mission is to wipe them off the planet.

It’s a clear-cut case of mass child abuse which goes largely unnoticed.

By piotrbein