Russians can be killed but not Americans!! US hypocrisy

From: “DON HANK”
Subject: When Russians are harmed anywhere, we do our best…
Date: 21 August 2014 16:39:41 BST

What if Putin said “when Russians are harmed anywhere, we do our best to see that justice is done”?

On that basis, he would have the right to invade Ukraine, because the oligarchs in Kiev, with the US oligarchs’ blessings, are dropping bombs on innocent civilians who think of themselves as Russians and the survivors are seeking asylum in Russia, which has to pay for this western-induced humanitarian crisis.

You say “he has no right to throw his weight around even if Russians are harmed. He must obey international law.” Really?

Just this morning I heard Obama on national TV say the same identical sentence, substituting Americans for Russians:

“When Americans are harmed anywhere, we do our best to see that justice is done.”

He was right to say that, of course, in light of James Foley’s brutal murder, and we are comforted to hear these words. But why can’t certain other peoples defend themselves, notably the Russians? Of course, American elites are exceptional so they have rights no one else has. Let’s call them what they are: privileges.

Because the oligarchs are exceptional–taking exception constantly to international law based on the unspoken notion that they are the master race. (They claim America is exceptional but they only mean themselves. We the People have only the right to be their cannon fodder and their strong arms and backs. ‘American exceptionalism’ is a component of elitist propaganda).

Russia is the only country in the world that turned back the armies of both Hitler and Napoleon. That is exceptional. But they are Russians, an inferior race by the reckoning of US elites. So are We the People.

The foreign policy pursued by Washington is racist, based on the notion that somehow being Russian is wrong. It’s not a far cry from the notion that the Jews were inferior. That is one reason why Russians today call the Ukrainian elites who bomb their villages fascists. It is no coincidence that the first EU Commission president was a prominent Nazi lawyer and that this fascist government is best of friends with Washington–which made a prominent Nazi scientists the head of NASA.

What will happen to our elites when the American public wakes up and decides not to let fascists and racists rule them any more?

Why do I call the Washington rulers oligarchs? Here’s why

Photos of civilian homes bombed by US oligarch-backed forces. (No, they are not US-backed unless the America people support them. Please make that distinction. They do not have our permission to commit these acts of terror).

More recent: Ukrainian civilians bombed by US oligarch-backed forces

Don Hank

By piotrbein