Ferguson, Ethnicity and American Idealism Postponed

Ferguson, Ethnicity and American Idealism Postponed – OpEd ~ by Tracy Turner

AUG. 20, 2014

The 30-decades after the Watt’s riots were a period of growth ultimately resulting in an African American President and First Family as well as black journalists such as Glenn Ford; numerous black judges in all branches of courts including the Supreme Court and in the House and Senate.

Quoted from USA Today:

“FERGUSON, Mo. — St. Louis County prosecutors plan to begin presenting evidence Wednesday to a local grand jury as part of an investigation into the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, a spokesman said Tuesday.
Edward Magee, spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch, said local investigators have interviewed Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson and he will be “offered the opportunity” to testify if he chooses.” End quote USA Today.

The 30+ years following the Watt’s riots were considered a perfect bell curve of improving racial relations and economic betterment for blacks and whites; perhaps Shakespeare or Poe would have said, “Ah, therein lays the rub”.

Using the America to “goldenness” of both friendliness of all and of booming economic times is the following, one by one as in Noah’s Ark: a lady schizophrenic beaten to death, an Asian paraplegic shoot by homeland security as he reaches for the parking brake, a Bipolar Man run over by an armored Humvee, an Arabic fundamentalist beaten to death to obtain a non-existent confession; a native American shoot while Bureau of Land Management steals land, horses, water rights and contracts a new Uranium mine, et al…

The point should be lost on none, that the days of The Watts riots – lighted off by the traffic cops arrest of a 21-year-old black motorist by a Caucasian police officer – are over. Those blogging and writing that the brutal killing of this ethnicity or that gender by uniformed mac k-booted storm troopers seem to have forgotten that said scenario has numbed the public – as it numbed the failed citizens and paramilitary of Rome. Throwing ten more men or women into the NSA/Homeland Succubus pile is merely 10 more bodies center arena in front of a jaded, bored public, Congress, Judiciary and supreme being sans seersucker suits.

The USA labels “Islamist, Christian, Gang Member, Homeland Security or Customs Enforcement, Criminal or Born Again are thrown around so loosely that who got fed to which Lion has put the last decade or two of spectators to sleep. In essence, having the government kill somebody now -no longer fixes our school-degreed national psyche.

Many politicians, journalists and bloggers write about Ferguson, Missouri in terms of “finances” or “payment”. What “finance” or “payment” makes your neighborhood clean, tidy, prosperous and economically booming for the “radical Islamist insurgent rebel” family? Does this “American-ideal” family deserve more or less than the “New World Order-Jewish” children playing ball on the grass? What about the Native First People’s stripped of land, water, horses, clear sky and 1st-people’s artifacts; do we simply allow our “trusted authorities to brutalize America’s ethnics to make America prosperous (read ‘tongue-in-cheek dark humor) once more? The tone of even the New York Times smacks of race baiting!  How dare they try to make the formulae of mass riots, mass death, and mass injury and call it the way to progress!

This wiki page is more apropos to current times and to the decades of “progress by ethnic extermination” currently floating about the web: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Warrior_(1955)>. So is the Cree Prophesy so familiar to some of us newbies: <http://www.birdclan.org/rainbow.htm>.

Shame on those in government and media, those who trample others underfoot and then claim more of the same is the way to our “greater good”. May the Great Spirit who dwells above and within us all convict you of shame, which seems to be one of the only two arrows in your quivers: shame and fear.

By piotrbein