Ukraine-EU association agreement delayed a year to facilitate negotiations with Russia

Newsletter 2014/09/15 – A Lesson Learned

BERLIN/KIEV (Own report) – Over the weekend, Brussels and Kiev
confirmed that the implementation of the EU Association Agreement with
Ukraine will be delayed for at least another year, to facilitate
negotiations with Russia. Even though the ratification ceremony will
be held Tuesday, the agreement will not go into effect before the end
of 2015, providing enough time for discussing – and possibly
respecting – Russian misgivings. For years, the Russian government has
been saying that it could expect billions in economic losses, should
the association agreement take effect, as planned. If no mutual
agreement is reached, Russia would find itself compelled to take
retaliatory economic measures. Berlin and Brussels have always bruskly
rejected any negotiations with Moscow on the matter. Now, they have
declared their acceptance, only because Kiev is facing economic
breakdown and even total collapse, if Russia implements its announced
measures. Because Ukraine’s economic output could shrink as much as 10
percent this year, the country will probably need billions in new
loans. How energy supply can be secured for the harsh Ukrainian
winter, is completely unclear. Already at the end of November 2013,
Moscow and Kiev had proposed negotiations. If Berlin and Brussels
would not have ruthlessly tried to enforce their interests, Ukraine
would possibly have been spared the disastrous social, economic, and
political consequences.


By piotrbein