Superman’s Jewish roots explored

From Krypton to Memphis: Superman’s Jewish roots explored at a shul


For his creators, superhero’s escape to Earth paralleled the story of Moses and the Exodus, exhibit shows

ed note–a few things worth noting here–

If the various charcters featured in Marvel Comics had particularly GENTILE characteristics, the Jews would be screaming bloody murder over it for its ‘racism’, ‘exclusiveness’ and, of course–its ‘anti-Semitism’. However, for them to create superheroes that are EXCLUSIVELY non-Gentile in their orientation is perfectly proper, as well as the ensuing discussion thereof.

Next–remember that the spark leading to the creation of these various Jewish superheroes was/is at its core JEWISH NARCISSISM and self-worship, itself the product of the inherent Judaic narcissism first brought to life within the pages of the Judaicly-authored Old Testament/Torah, namely that–

‘For you are a holy people unto the LORD they God, and he has CHOSEN you above all other peoples on the earth’–

Word for word what is contained within the book of Deuteronomy, which is part of the Torah, not the Talmud.

Next, besides the ‘inside joke’ that the very-Jewish creators of Marvel Comics enjoyed in creating Jewish superheroes that are then worshipped and adored by Gentile boys, a utilatarian aspect to it all that needs to be considered is how these Gentile boys growing up on Marvel comic books and now–their Silverscreen counterparts–then become Gentile men and then Gentile cannon fodder for Judaic wars that are fought and paid for by Gentile nations, a pattern that is handed down like an heirloom from father to son, etc, etc, etc.

And finally, just as it has been with the devastating effects of popular TV programs such as Seinfeld, the Gentile mind becomes innured to the dangers posed to it by this deadly agenda, no longer recognizing that an enemy resides in its midst.


By piotrbein