Serbia can’t afford millions to support ‘shameless’ Pride parade: Serbian Orthodox Patriarch

Bruno: Christians, Muslims and now queers… Several years ago I wrote extensively about Serbia and the Billary-Halfbright regime’s bombings on behalf of Muslim and other influence. Some of my Serbian stuff was even corrected and placed in Serbian and London publications.

Wish I had more time to write. Suffice to say, due to limited time, that the unscrupulous   -in our day and age!-   bombed civilians in Belgrade. The damage was extensive. Tens of thousands of Christian women and children were left without homes. None of this, of course, made our monopoly media. Two journalists, from large mainstream papers, did call me. Both were decent men. They said printing truth was all about bread; they’d have allowed printing such, but had jobs, wives, families to consider. Pictures of homeless Christian women and children were returned.

While this was going on, in the sky over Serbia, the Billary regime fought for and assisted Muslims against Christians in Kosovo. Kosovo was the birth place of Serbian culture. As a result of the above, Muslims were able to gain control over a plethora of European Christian and Serbian-ethno regions… The place would never be the same.
Years later, I read that about 8 billion bucks was donated to some sort of a Clinton foundation. Guess who donated the $$$?  Well! Arabs had donated the cash, hard green $$$.
Conclusion: Life, in the Clinton world! Apparently goals were achieved. Christians were reduced and queers now run wild amongst the majority…

PB:  It’s not Clinton, the puppet. It’s the J-complex, with money from “Arabs” that support ISIS and such, to serve Judeocentric goals:


Serbia can’t afford millions to support ‘shameless’ Pride parade: Serbian Orthodox Patriarch

By piotrbein