Islamist Insanity — copy of Western Insanity and Jewish-British Barbarity

Western Insanity: Corrupt Media, Corrupt Scientists

“the 2014 Fields Medal showed the world: (1) the potential of Iran’s brains and the insanity of the West’s Anti-Iran propaganda (2) the true colors of the Mullah regime, which is the worst Puppet Regime and the worst Anti-Iranian Regime in Iran’s history. Now the West and its puppets (Mullahs, Lefts, Zionists, ISIL savage Arabs etc) suffer from the Mad Cow Disease and terrible insanity. Just look what the Anti-Iran Mullah TV, the UK media, the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament, Zionists, Basijis, DAESH (ISIL) and savage Arabs/ Jews/ Britons do and say in this year (2014). The sons of Satan and sworn enemies of Iran have badly confused. Now Islamist Barbarians, from DAESH (ISIL) and Basijis to MEK and Mullahs, clearly show that Islamic Insanity is a combination of Arab/ Jewish Insanity and Western Insanity. In fact, Islamist Barbarism is nothing but a combination of Arab/ Jewish Barbarism and English Barbarism. The sons of the West and savage Islamists like DAESH (ISIL) reveal many things. The West’s Evil Empire is suffering from the Mad Cow Disease, and nearing the End”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now it’s clear who help Islamic Barbarians (DAESH, Basijis etc). Now it’s clear who is behind Mullahs and savage Islamists. Just look how the West censors news, and how the West tells big lies. They even censor what their Mullah media say. Now even the Mullah media talk about Anti-Iranian policies, Islamist Barbarity, or Terrible Corruption (Bokhor Bokhor) in the Mullah regime. But the West censors everything. They even censor the farcical story of ‘Mullah parliament and Mullah Science minister’, which was a complete farce from start to finish, and if the West and the media didn’t censor this farce, the world could see the true colors of this Anti-Iranian Islamist regime. But the West is behind Islamists. Now the Mullah parliament, which is a Masonic/ English cesspool of anti-Iranian whores, openly say: ‘Only Basijis and Islamists (ie whores and retards) should go to Iran’s universities. Iran’s people and Iran’s brains have no right to go to universities. Our professors and our teachers should be Islamists and Basijis. Iranian people, Iranian brains, critics and protesters have no right to enjoy the basic rights, including the right to educate and the right to go to university’ ! It’s what Mullah MPs say. But the West censor such facts, because the West is the main Arbab (master) and the main supporter of Mullahs. The West censors all things that show you why the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists, and why Islamists are the sons of Satan and puppets of the West – who just try to serve the West’s interests, and to hurt Iran and Iranians”. In these days, many things are ridiculous, but very informative. As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, people know why Basij-i is DAESH-i. Mullahs and DAESH (ISIL) use the same methods, and have the same Arbab. Mullahs still send terrible noise and parasite, slow down the terrible internet speed, and increase the terrible Filtering & Censorship. Now Rouhani’s ITC minister openly defends Islamic Censorship, Islamic Fascism, Islamic Oppression and Islamic Internet, and says it’s one of Rouhani’s strategic plan! Now the 97% of Iranians laugh and spit at Rouhani and his Anti-Iran cabinet. Now even the stupid Mullah media laugh at Rouhani and his ITC minister. But the West and English barbarians censor all facts and all news. In the West, Journalism means Prostitution, and journalists are Big Brother’s whores. Just look what English Barbarians and their Satanic media do and say. They censor + 90% of Iran’s news. They even censor what their own Mullah media say about Terrible Corruption (Bokhor Bokhor) in their Mullah regime. This level of Censorship is a clear sign of insanity. The UK and the Ministry of Truth have badly confused”. They also add: “British Barbarity and Western insanity are at the root of many problems. British Colonialism was the worst Barbarous Colonialism in history. Mullahs were the sons of British Colonialism. Mullahs are puppets of the West, and the Mullah Evil Firewall is a western product. The UK, the EU and the US are behind ISIL, savage Arabs/ Jews, MEK and Mullahs. The West aids Mullahs and other brutal dictators to hurt people. After 2009, and after Snow-den, no one can deny that the West is Orwellian. Now even idiots talk about mass spying, mass surveillance, or Orwellian programs in the West. Now, in 2014, the West’s mathematicians say: ‘our Mathematicians Should Refuse to Work For The NSA [!] .. our mathematical societies can stop publishing their job adverts, refuse their money, or even expel members who work for Big Brother .. We should acknowledge that these choices are ours to make. If we do not like what Big Brother is doing, we should not cooperate’ ! As their media reports: ‘They call on the West’s mathematicians to boycott working for the NS-A, which is the largest employer of mathematicians [!] .. working for the N-SA (and working for GC-HQ) should become ‘socially unacceptable’ in the same way that working for the KGB became unacceptable’ ! (2014) Think about it. The West’s whores are bad jokes. In 2014, whores like NSA mathematician Alexander Beilinson of the University of Chicago openly propose that the American Mathematical Society sever all ties with the NS-A!”. We have already written about the Wests Cancer of Corruption and the West’s scientists (check Archive for [1]: ‘Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology’, ‘Corrupted Science, or Why is The West Bankrupt?’ etc) But unfortunately, many still don’t care about real problems. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the UK and the US are corrupting Science [1] In 2014, T Hales, a mathematicians at the University of Pittsburgh, says: ‘many mathematicians work for the NS-A. Theyre involved in facial recognition development and big data aspects of mass surveillance. If Privacy disappears from the face of the Earth, mathematicians will be some of the primary culprits‘ (2014) Now, for the first time in history, mathematicians work for Satan. In fact, Barbarians and the Land of Barbarians (ie the West) have polluted everything, even math and mathematicians”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the Wests Cancer of Corruption and the Western Insanity are like the Mullah Cancer of Corruption and the Mullah insanity. The West and it’s puppets (Mullahs, lefts etc) are the same shit. The story of the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament and Rouhani’s Science minister is very informative, but the West censors it. Mullah Science minister is a Basiji faggot and an Islamist pig, but he lived in Canada!, and now he wants to return to Canada. But the West censors such facts. The UK and the West love Mullahs. Basijis and Islamists are the sons of the West. They hurt Iran’s people, and help Iran’s enemies. For instance, Mullah MPs say: ‘An Iranian professor sent an Email that praised Iran but criticized Mullahs. He was expelled from university, but it’s not enough .. Iranian students should become Setareh-dar (deprived of education/ deprived of basic rights) .. Iranian students should not be allowed to go to universities .. only Islamists and Basijis (ie non-Iranian pigs) should be allowed to become university students and professors … Mullah Gestapo should control all universities .. Mullah Gestapo has the right to deprive Iran’s brains and Iran’s students from basic rights, including the right to educate, the right to speak, the right to do research, the right to have job etc .. We, Islamists, are (savage fascists); we created the Fascist Cultural Revolution in 1980, because we wanted to serve (the West’s interests and to hurt) Iran and Iranians. But we could not stop (Iran’s people). Now Iranians are hurting our (Big Brother). It’s a bad thing. Iran’s people and Iran’s brains should not be able to protest against (Big Brother) and to make Iran (a world power) again. We should keep Iran (weak, dependent, and under tyranny). It’s what (Big Brother) wants. We should obey (Big Brother) orders. We should expel (Iran’s brains and Iran’s talents) from universities. We should not allow (Iranian people) to decide about their own country and their own future .. We, Islamists, are the sons of (Arbab) .. the UK and the US are our (Arbab/ master)’. It’s exactly what Mullah MPs say. But the West censors such important facts, because the West wants to hide this fact that Mullahs and Islamists are the world’s worse anti-Iranian pigs”. They also add: “Islamists are brainless animals. Now Islamists badly suffer from the Mad Cow Disease and terrible Confusion (Goh Gijeh). But now Iranian people put comments at the Mullah media, and say: ‘In the Mullah regime, Iran’s brain become Setareh-dar (deprived of basic rights). But outside Iran, when they get rid of this fucking Islamist Regime, Iran’s brains became Setareh (stars), the stars of Science .. Hey Basiji faggots, Sharif students leave Iran because of you, Islamist pigs .. Hey Islamist pigs leave our country, and return to your Arab shithole .. Islamists are savage Arabs; they have occupied our Iran with the help of the West; ISIL and (Mullahs) are the same shit, and have the same Arbab’. The West censors all facts. But in 2014, Iran’s people say many good things like: “the Mullah Parliament is a ‘Majles Farmayeshi’ or a Masonic Majles like the Pahlavi Parliament .. the 97% of Iran’s people and Iran’s university students hate all Rouhanis and all Islamists .. Mullah MPs are Darbari (regime’s stooges) or Englisi (English stooges); they are followers of English Islam .. All Islamists are followers of Jewish Islam and the Jewish God of Barbarity (ie Satan) .. Just look what the anti-Iran Mullah MPs like NoBabeh say; Basiji faggots like NoBabeh are NoKiseh (parvenu), Neo-DAESHi and NoKare Ajaneb (puppets of Jewish CIA, UK etc) .. the Mullah regime is an English regime; their Parliament is English; their cabinet is English; their Mullah king is English (Majles Englisi, Vazir Englisi, Vakil Englisi, Vali Englisi etc) .. Akhund-e Englisi (English Mullah) is worse than Qajar & Pahlavi .. All Islamists are the same shit; and We, Iranians, say to Islamists: if your God allows you to kill children, to torture people, to steal people’s money, to censor people’s voice, to tell big lies and to violate people’s rights, then your God is Satan; Your Jewish God is Satan .. But if your God doesn’t allow you to do such evil acts, then you are the hypocritical sons of Satan; your evil acts are Satan’s acts’. Iranian people are really wise and smart people. They hate all Islamists and all bad guys. But Mullahs just remind you of Alam’s memories. In his memories, Alam, the Shah’s right-hand man, said the Pahlavi regime is a very corrupt regime, and the Shah’s men are a bunch of Corrupt Anti-Iranian pigs. In his memories, Alam refers to all the Shah’s men as ‘Lash-Khoran Hakem’ (corrupt vultures who rule Iran), and clearly says: ‘We rule Iran like foreigners; we act like foreign invaders who have occupied Iran; we don’t care about Iran or Iranians. Iran’s people are great people; Iran’s people are very good and great people. But we, their rulers, are corrupt pigs and Afsad Al-Nas (the most corrupt people). I even hate myself; we are (puppets of) the West, and hurt Iranians; it’s obvious why Iranians hate us, and see us as foreigners (Ajnabi)’. It’s what Alam says in the 1970s. But now Mullahs are ‘the worst corrupt vultures’, who rule Iran like the worst foreigners. Mullahs act like the worst foreign invaders who have occupied our Iran. Mullahs are the worst Ajnabi. The Mullah regime, like the Shah regime, is full of foreigners and freemasons. Just look at their Mullah Parliament. The Mullah parliament is an anti-Iranian cesspool that just cares about the Fucking Gaza or Savage Arabs, not about Iran’s people, Iran’s children, people’s health, people’s pains and people’s problems in Iran. The Mullah parliament is a Masonic/ English cesspool of anti-Iranian pigs who openly try to help their Zionist IMF and their English Arbab (master), to create a baby boom amid the water crisis or Economic War, to hurt Iran’s brains, Iran’s students, or Iran’s children. What English Mullahs do are clear signs of inherent lunacy. It’s sheer lunacy to act like ISIL. But Islamists have small brains, and just copy from their Arbab (master). Mullah Madness or Islamist Insanity is just a copy of Western Insanity and Jewish-British Barbarity”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Western Censorship is unbelievable. Now even the Mullah media and the Mullah Oil Minister talk about Bokhor Bokhor (Terrible corruption, stealing, looting, plundering etc) in the Mullah regime. They say: ‘Terrible Corruptions and Embezzlements turned Islamists/ Basijis into billionaires almost overnight’ ! They even say: ‘Iranian people are fed up with injustice, corruption, censorship, tyranny etc’. But the West and the Left censor all facts and all news. Islamists are the symbol of Corruption, but the left and lefty pigs like Noam Chomsky defend Islamists, injustice, barbarity and corruption. In Iran, our people sarcastically say: ‘oh, yah, their Islamic Justice is really great; their Islamic Justice means terrible injustice, terrible corruption, embezzlement, terrible censorship, stealing people’s money, killing people, violating people’s rights, telling big lies etc’. But the West and the Left love Islamists. Now the Mullah media reports: ‘(the fucking Mullah) Health Ministry and Mullah FDA say: we will never announce the names of those companies or officials who endangering public health by adding the industrial oil to the milk; we will not betray companies’ ! (Aug 2014) But the West and the Left censor such big news. Now Iranian people curse all Mullahs, use F-words a lot, and force the Mullah media to confess: ‘Social conditions are ripe for an Explosion‘ ! In fact, even idiots know that Big Bang is near. But the West and Left censor all facts and all news. The stupid West still lives in the 1970s, or in the 19th century. They think all people are blind. But in Iran and many other countries, average people openly say: ‘The West is behind ISIL and all savage Islamists (including Mullahs and Basijis)’. The West is so stupid. Now the USA is becoming a fascist country. But many Americans are blind, stupid and uncultured, and say: ‘Hurting and exploiting non-Westerners is not a bad thing’ ! They even don’t know that the fruits of such evil things are Nazism and Fascism. The US unrest in Ferguson shows that the West betrays its own people, as Nazis and Fascists betrayed their own people. But the West’s pigs still say: ‘We love our people, and we just hurt other people. We love our own nation; we just hurt other nations. Long live our own people’ ! But it’s exactly what Nazis, Fascists and British pigs said and say. It’s not a new thing. The main victims of the Fascist state and Big Brother’s society are those people who cheer Big Brother, and praise Fascism”. They also add: “the stupid Americans defend the NS-A, and say: ‘they routinely receives routers, servers and other computer network devices being exported from the US[!] They then implants spying tools, and repackages the devices with a factory seal [!] .. NS-A is a force of good, because it hurts other nations’ ! (2014) But the fruits of such evil crap are Nazism, Fascism, Animal Farm and imminent Downfall. Now even their experts and scientists are corrupt idiots. As the West’s good guys says: ‘the sponsors of the School Nutrition Association’s annual conference are junk-food companies included PepsiCo and McDonald’s! No wonder Americans are overweight and diabetic’ (2014) They even add: ‘our universities and our think tanks are sponsored by Big Brothers. Do really we hope that they tell us the real science?!’. In the West, intellects and scientists are ‘Sandis Khor’ (whores etc). They sell themselves and their honor for a fistful of dollars. But they are often hypocritical whores. They get money from Big Brother, but say money is evil. They call themselves ‘freedom-fighters’, ‘free software activists’ etc and say: good guys hate money; good guys should suffer from poverty! These stupid bastards actually ask people to become slaves of basic needs and slaves of Arbabs (ie those who have money). They say money is evil, while any sane person knows Money is not evil, being slave of money is evil. Food or Sex is not evil, being slave of sex/ food/ etc is evil. But the West’s charlatans talk/ act like AhmadiNejad (AN) and other Jewish-Islamist pigs. They are the sons of Satan and the world’s most corrupt people, but they shed crocodile tears for God, people, justice or morality. If you want to know these pigs better, you can think about ISIL and ISIL’s barbarity, or about the terrible corruption and all evil acts in the AN’s era. The West’s jerks are like or worse than AN and ISIL. They shed crocodile tears for Simin Behbahani’s death or Robin Williams Suicide, but they kill and torture innocent people. They talk about a wave of suicide in Hollywood, while they lie at the root of the West’s Cancer of Corruption”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Many know that the West just tries to turn people into whores and sheeple. But many don’t know the West’s Barbarian Culture. The West is the ancient land of Barbarians (for more info, check Archive). They are still uncultured. The West’s barbarian culture says money and power are the most important things, and you can act like barbarians, racists, sadists and fascists, if you want to reach money and power. Of course many truly say: corruption, corrupt government or corrupt politicians are old and global problems. It’s true. But for the first time in history, mathematics and sciences have been corrupted by the West. It’s a new thing. The systemic corruption in science and math is a new thing. It’s a Western thing. The Ministry of Truth, Orwellian society and many other evil things are Western things. In 2014, the US good guys talk about ‘the School Nutrition Association’, and say: ‘the School Nutrition Association has asked Congress to lift the rule that students must take fruits and vegetables on the lunch line; their sponsors are Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé etc .. they (tell us): you can trust the government! you can trust Companies! you can trust media! you can trust Big Brother! .. the International Food Information Council -whose supporters include Coca-Cola, Yum, Kraft, and McDonalds – presented a discussion in which the panelists assured audience members that genetically modified foods were safe and environmentally sustainable! They (say such things), and McDonalds give them free foods’ ! In fact, the West is full of ‘Sandis Khor’. Even their scientists and university students are Sandis Khor. ‘Sandis Khor’ (as a Persian slang) is someone who sells her/ his soul for a pizza, a soda, a free food or a fistful of dollars. But in the West, even their scientists and intellects are Sandis Khor. It’s shocking. But it’s not the whole story. In Canada’s universities and US universities, many students are Sandis Khor. They attend seminars, conferences, panels, rallies, protest shows etc mainly because of free foods and freebies. In North America, they silence university students and serious protests with giving them free foods and freebies. Yah, it’s really shocking. But you should ask: Why they turn students into ‘Sandis Khor’? Why their students become ‘Sandis Khor’? Why Western students sell their souls for free foods, free staples or money? […] The West’s culture is not like Iran’s culture. In the West’s culture, they just care about money and power, and hypocrisy. The West’s culture asks them to become corrupt and hypocritical pigs. They worship money, but they say: ‘money is evil’; they work for Big Brothers, but they are founders or developers of Tor Project, OpenSSL, FireFox, free software, open source, Anti-Filtering tools, Anti-Tracking tools etc. In 2014, the West’s good guys say: ‘UK and USA are making college expensive .. Big companies are starting to run schools .. In prior decades US students were a major force for social change. They played an active role in the Civil Rights movement, and the Free Speech movement. But todays students dont want to make a ruckus. Theyre laden with debt. Since 1999, student debt has increased more than 500%. They buried students under so much debt. They made most Americans (slaves of money) (2014) Now even their own media says: The Land Of The Free is now A Nation Of Sheep, Wolves, Pigs and Sluts (Forbes) But they say nothing about their intellectual whores, their Barbarian culture, their Barbarian history, or their Barbarian values. They don’t care about the root of problems. In 2014, their media says: ‘UK minister wants more surveillance .. UK asks for laws to increase mass surveillance .. UK forces ISPs to keep user data .. UK continues forcing ISPs to keep data about their users’ contacts .. Canada ordered Google to remove particular websites from its search results .. Germany and Denmark let the NSA run taps on cables .. UK court decision allowing blanket surveillance of social media includes even private messages and data To protect British people’ ! It’s what their own corrupt media says. It’s just 1% of the truths. But they still live in a stupid imaginary world, in which Barbarians are moral people, and the Barbarian West is a force of Good. They talk about the mass poisoning [1], and say: the Food industry is poisoning people, but the FDA says nothing’ [1] Their FDA is like the Mullah FDA. But it’s funny that many of them still deny the West’s Cancer of Corruption, and say: ‘No, this level of corruption belongs to third world countries and backward nations; we are not a third world country’ ! But in the real world, the West is worse than all third world countries and backward nations. The West is Orwellian, and Barbarian. The West was the land of Barbarians. But now they say Barbarians were modern people. Yah, Barbarians shaped today’s world, which is a shitty world with a lot of Orwellian problems. But Iranians and other good & civilized people shaped and created good things like culture, arts, sciences, human values, progress etc. Barbarians just tried to create evil problems, and to pollute and poison all good things. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘Evil things do not last forever. Today seems like the calm before the Revolution. Now many websites like [2]: talk about the systematic corruption of science, the misuse and distortion of science and other evil acts in the West. They say, for instance: ‘Companies provide fake research services for industry. Science-for-sale entrepreneurship has become rife in America’ [2] They talk about ‘Corporate takeover of Science’ [2], but they know that the Evil Empire is nearing the End. They know that Cancer of Corruption is Seed of Destruction [1]“.

By piotrbein