Bundeswehr recruitment propaganda campaign

Newsletter 2014/10/27 – War for Talent

BERLIN/BONN (Own report) – Last week, the German Bundeswehr launched a
new recruitment propaganda campaign. The advertising campaign includes
three prime time commercials on public and commercial TV channels. The
thirty-second video clips depict soldiers in civilian dress going
about their off-duty activities with the objective of portraying
soldiers as “everyday people,” “with a private life like anyone else.”
The spoken texts emphasize the soldier’s camaraderie, patriotism, and
orientation on the common good – all reference to their use of
violence is obscured. This new propaganda offensive is part of the
“Attractiveness Agenda,” announced by German Defense Minister Ursula
von der Leyen (CDU) aimed at presenting the Bundeswehr as a modern,
“people oriented” employer. The agenda also promotes the “embedding”
of the Armed Forces in German society.


By piotrbein