Help stop Harper’s thought police

Help stop Harper’s thought police. Write a letter to your local media

Prime Minister Harper is manipulating last week’s tragic killings to further erode precious Canadian democratic freedoms.

The horrific shooting of a young Canadian reservist standing guard at the National War Memorial appears to have been committed by a lone shooter, suffering from mental illness and substance abuse problems, as well as being homeless and angry at Canadian foreign policy.

Instead of a calm and measured approach after gaining all the facts, the Prime Minister has announced that he will fast-track new anti-terrorism laws that will give yet more draconian powers to police forces and spy agencies – including expanding their power of so-called “preventive” arrest.

If you want to stop Harper from creating a national “thought police,” please write to your local media. We need to let people know what is going on!

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PB’s letter to Globe and Mail, National Post and Vancouver Sun
Our PM is manipulating last week’s tragic killings to erode Canadian democratic freedoms.
The worst terrorism is the state one, enabled by leaders like Harper. He supported the extremist Kiev junta who has murdered thousands of ethnic Russian civilians and Ukrainian recruits opposed to fratricide.
A table makes the point:

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