Ottawa Shooting: Evidence of a Staged False Flag Attack

October 31, 2014

Ottawa Shooting: Evidence of a Staged False Flag Attack 35

OttawaShootingMedia,jpgBy Dario Di Meo

It only takes one hole to slowly sink a boat. The official Ottawa shooting storyline has more than one such hole. The following suggests the widely-reported October 24, 2014 Ottawa shooting was a staged event.

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Exhibit One

CBC reported that a driver with a dashboard camera driving along Wellington Street EB captures a video of the alleged shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, casually walking to his car, a Toyota Corolla, and getting in.

This is in conflict of witnesses stating they saw Bibeau running across the street, suggested by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s timeline of events:

Jan Lugtenborg, a Dutch tourist, was waiting for a tour bus when he heard four shots.

“The guy who shot, he was a small man with long black hair,” Lugtenborg said. The shooter “suddenly crossed the street with his long rifle … running like hell” towards Parliament Hill.


In the dashboard video of Bibeau it is evident that he is not armed, or at least it appears he has nothing in his hands. One would be hard pressed to think he is concealing a gun considering he had it out and opened fire on Corporal Cirillo just moments before. Since the weapon was allegedly a long gun it would be obvious under his coat.

Next, this occurs in between Elgin street which is one-way north on the east side of the Memorial and one-way south on the west side, converging into a two-way street south of the Memorial site. Also, Wellington Street is divided by a concrete curb median.

Keep this in mind, a surveillance video released and narrated by Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Bob Paulson clearly shows a Toyota making a left hand westbound turn from Elgin moving northbound, which is a one way southbound street. It is difficult to understand how Bibeau went from being on Wellington eastbound at 9:51:51, then at 9:52:15 seen making a left-hand turn onto Ellington westbound from Elgin, which is a one-way street south, with the latter likely involving a very precarious maneuver . It’s approximately 250m to get to the bollards in front of East Block from where he was parked on Wellington street facing east at the Memorial.

The would-be gunman had no choice but to proceed eastbound on Wellington and make a U-turn just up the road to head back towards the Parliament building.

We should have seen the Toyota coming along Wellington from a distance. There is no other way unless he went in reverse against the traffic but there was not a single witness to suggest this possibility. If Bibeau did start driving in reverse on Wellington Street it would have drawn attention from drivers to honk their horns and draw at least one eye-witness. Yet no such commotion is documented.

Instead, we have only this video of Bibeau getting in his car and other witnesses who claim they saw him run across the street towards the Parliament buildings.

What to make of these two videos?

If Bibeau continued eastbound and made a u-turn then who was in the Toyota making a left hand turn as seen on the surveillance video?

It looks to be two separate incidents. Its clear by the dashboard camera that traffic was a bit busy.

RCMP Surveillance Video of the Shooter

Jump to 1m20sec:


The behavior of the “pedestrians” also seems unusual. They do not appear to be frightened people trying to get away from the shooting at the Memorial. Rather, they appear to be anticipating the shooter’s arrival.

To be precise the “pedestrians”, according to RCMP Commission Bob Paulson, were, “…recoiling westward from the incident at the Memorial”. Their recoiling coincidentally matched the exact intention and path the shooter eventually took. What are the chances of this?

The video clearly shows two men on the sidewalk looking back in the direction of the Memorial and another two men in suits crossing the street, walking towards and pausing at the bollards, looking back as if they are waiting for someone/something–quite likely the shooter. The four of them look coordinated. Perhaps they were the shooter’ handlers placed to ensure this false flag would unfold as planned.

In addition there were NO other pedestrians around. It seems to be a strange coincidence that two pedestrians would “recoil” from the incident at the Memorial to the exact same spot where Bibeau finally parks his car before he heads towards Central Block of the Parliament buildings and be met with two to other men with the same body language with no other pedestrians nearby.

Exhibit Two

Finally the irrefutable evidence. The one giant hole that sinks this alleged crazed terrorist rampage in downtown Ottawa of any of its buoyancy.

Evan Solomon of the CBC reveals in, to use his words, details of exactly how the incidents went down in Central Block in the Hall of Honor by the library.

Take a look at Google’s virtual tour of the Parliament building at the exact spot where Evan Solomon conspicuously states the location of the where the shooter was shot and this is what you get — taken on April 2013. The numbers are beside the bullet holes.

These markings on the wall from April 2013 match up exactly to where bullet holes were made when Vickers heroically shot and killed Bibeau on October 22nd 2014.


These markings on the wall from April 2013 match up exactly to where bullet holes were made when Vickers heroically shot and killed Bibeau on October 22nd 2014.

Above: Evan Solomon giving us the exact details of how Kevin Vickers, his security team and RCMP took the shooter down. Nothing dubious here. This is it. This is how and where it happened in the alcove at arm’s length away from Bibeau on the other side of the pillar with Kevin Vickers diving and spinning, falling to the ground simultaneously shooting upwards at Bibeau who then falls to the ground.

Evan Solomon continues, “Vickers continues to fire into Bibeau emptying his entire clip.” This sounds like a 25yr old inexperienced maverick with something to prove. Is this standard protocol with an unknown shooter? Clearly the answer is no. Why would a retired 58yr old RCMP officer who doesn’t look fit, who has been at a desk job for well over 10 years, act in such a risky manner?

This is not standard protocol. The RCMP, Vickers and the security team had Bibeau cornered and should have waited for a clear opportunity to take him down or out. If anything Vickers acted carelessly, especially when one considers no one was in any immediate danger.

2m:38sec of this video:


And here is a picture of the library door that was supposedly closed. Why didn’t Bibeau run and hide in the library? Why was he hiding in the alcove?

And here is the desk:Ottawa5

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