NWO underworld – Putin enemy #1 for the J-bankster shadow gov’t

New World Order: An Overview of the Underworld​, Part 1

by Trevor LaBonte (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

The international Zionist banksters who control and implement the New World Order and own and control all the major publishing houses, academic institutions, news and entertainment media have paved over real history with a fraudulent, totally false, and self-serving narrative.

This false narrative constitutes the very essence, the psychological concrete of the NWO, with all of its power over us not so much existing in the outside world, but living in our minds. It repeats in an infinite loop, playing on a cinema screen in both our conscious and subconscious minds.  In fact, much of it was placed there in our minds using various false memory-implanting techniques and trauma-based CIA MK-ultra mind control tricks regularly employed in Hollywood films. More on this later though.

This aforementioned fabric of lies extends from where we now stand in time back deep through history. It is made up of fables and tall tales designed to lull the masses and prevent detection of an insidious force which drives us all, pushing humanity systematically toward its oblivion. It is up to each individual to absolutely jack-hammer, to excavate all the way through this concrete through his own research, but in this piece, I hope to hand to each explorer a map, a key, a template which will be helpful in interpreting one’s findings and keeping one’s self oriented, and whatever you do find WILL line up with the information presented herein, as this is the nature of truth.

Many other researchers have dedicated their lives to mapping out this hidden world, and when one of them projects onto the a screen the jigsaw puzzle pieces he has found, they always match up or meet perfectly with the pieces gathered by other astute researchers when other true findings are then projected on top. After enough people have contributed to the process, the big picture can be seen in completeness. Then the only project left is for others to look at what has been said and verify it, but that is up to each individual who takes on the project of finding out what really happened, where we really are, and where we are being drawn by this dark shadow government. Then, our minds can be completely free of the corrupting and dangerous pull of the NWO’s propaganda.

Most people’s knowledge of current events exceeds their understanding of history, so the best way to begin the job of unhooking them from the matrix is to use a discussion of current events as a way to break apart the surface of the disinformation concrete. One easily debunkable Zionist farce is the “mainstream” propaganda about Iran’s alleged drive to gain nuclear weapons capability. Israel has been maliciously spreading this lie for ages, trying to instill in people the fear of something stupidly called the “Islamic bomb.” The fact is that Islam is not a threat, and the Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa, a religious decree, that nuclear weapons are un-Islamic, seeing as a weapon of this kind of mass destruction is designed specifically to kill large masses of innocent people, which is beyond forbidden in Islam, of course.

On top of that, 16 of the top intelligence agencies themselves have debunked Israel’s malicious claims about Iran, yet, each and every day, the Zionist media brainwashing machine tells us 100 times that Iran is a nuclear threat. Never any mention of Israel’s several hundred illegal, unregistered nuclear weapons in the criminally constructed Dimona facility in occupied al-Naqab though, even though their existence was confirmed photographically by ex-Jewish, ex-“Israeli” whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu. This info should pique the interest of anyone who hears it, and it provided an entry point for me personally.

But of course “Israel” is not aggressive in propaganda only. It has a long, sordid, and heartbreaking history of terrorizing and genociding the Palestinians and waging wars of aggression against its neighbors in the region. Many operations have been conducted where Israelis even dressed as or pretended to be Arabs and blew up or attacked their own allies, so these better equipped allies would be drawn into attacking Israel’s enemies and no Jews would have to be placed in harm’s way. The King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty attack, and 9/11 are examples of these type of attacks, yet they are either never mentioned or never properly attributed to Israel, and this should sufficiently prove to anyone that somehow the overall narrative is being controlled. Now we are talking about history, but conversations about current events are easily steered into historical background information at any time. So, back on to current events lies which are the surface level of mind control.

Another piece of this psychological concrete which must be smashed into a million pieces is the Zionist-concocted, deceitful notion that Syrian President Bashar al Assad is a “dictator” who “kills his own people.” This lie, which is pumped into every home that has a television set, is designed to fool people into supporting Israel’s goal of destroying Syria and turning it into Jewish colonies a la the Greater Israel Zionist plan for the Middle East, sketched out by Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon, and refined in the policy papers of the so-called Project for a New American Century. The war which is being waged in Syria is not at all a civil war, but a Jewish war being waged by Zionist proxies. I believe the definitive article about this has been written by Mouqawamah Music’s founder and editor-in-chief Jonathan Azaziah, proving each step of the way, that forces such as the “Free Syrian Army,” “Jahbat al Nusra,” “ISI,” “ISIS,” “ISIL,” and others were conceived, incubated, armed, funded and trained by Israel to do Israel’s dirty work, with MOSSAD agents and sayanim placed everywhere, leading operations and organizations directly to make sure things go according to Israel’s plans.  (The Takfiri Goy Golem: ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Their “Israeli” Masters And The Repackaged Zionist War On Islam; Mouqawamah Music, 10-25-14)

So a big part of the current events NWO propaganda can be destroyed and cleared away by understanding that these takfiri groups are not a product of Islam, in fact they are un-Islamic in every way. Rather it is all a Zionist psy-op to balkanize the Middle East and redraw the map of the region the way Israel wants it to be, aka “Greater Israel” or “Eretz Israel,” with Israel and its regional and Western proxies using a dirty trick to instill Islamophobia into the public psyche. These “Islamist” terror groups are very real, but they are MOSSAD operations. Bashar al Assad is not “killing his own people,” but these terror groups are running amok and trying to weaken the region as much as possible to prepare it for later invasion.

In fact, it seems that some time ago, the whole tide turned as a result of Russia and President Putin exposing a false flag gas attack in Ghouta, Syria, which had been designed as a pretext for a planned NATO invasion of Syria. Putin stymied the NWO’s plans by debunking its lies and exposing that the Zionist mercenary proxies were behind it. However, before that, the other pretexts for wars with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya were not debunked quickly enough to prevent disaster. The good news is that since then, enough people have woken up to the lies that the NWO appears to be faltering and spinning its wheels, unable to spread its lies as effectively in the newest period of the information age.

Speaking of Putin, he is enemy number one for the Jewish bankster shadow government, and this is confirmed by the recent admissions of Ukrainian-“Israeli”  oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the proverbial kingmaker of the Kiev coup regime and arguably the most powerful Jew in Europe outside of the banking dynasties. Kolomoisky, who has led both the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and the European Council of Jewish Communities, has openly declared that Putin is his mortal enemy, stating that the Russian president is a ““psychopath,” a “schizophrenic of short stature” who is “completely inadequate, totally insane. His messianic drive to recreate the Russian empire of 1913 or the U.S.S.R. of 1991 could plunge the world into catastrophe.”   Verily, much of the psychological brick of the NWO is dedicated to spreading hasbara just like this and creating the image of Putin as an unreasonable “dictator” who is a threat to the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Putin has shown in word and in deed that he is aligned with the Axis of Resistance, providing unbeatable back-up for Iran and Syria. In fact, when the NWO plan to destroy Syria started to go south, a new conflict was quickly generated in Ukraine by the IMF, CIA, Israel, and other usual suspects, in hopes that this would tie up Russia so it would have to divide up its forces and not have them all standing by to face-palm NATO in the Middle East if needed. Russia is the big target of the NWO, and “Israel”‘s efforts to destroy Iran and Syria should be seen as part of a plan to pick off Russia’s allies and use the area as a launch-pad for attacks on Russia.

The Zionist media has done everything in its power to paint Putin as the bad guy. Among their lies are ridiculous claims that Putin outlawed homosexuality, forcibly annexed Crimea, and even a story about him allegedly euthanizing homeless dogs in Sochi before the Olympics. Of course, like they tried with Assad, Ahmadinejad, and others, the Zionist media must literally hypnotize the somnambulant masses into believing Putin is “the new Hitler,” a NWO trademark technique to sucker people into supporting these damnable wars.

With Syria’s so-called “civil war,” Iran’s so-called “nuclear threat,” “Israel”‘s so-called “peaceful democracy,” and Putin’s so-called “dictatorship” explained, it is a good time to blast away at a second, deeper layer of NWO mind-control propaganda.

As increasing numbers of people learn of Israel’s horrific deeds and are repulsed and sickened by them, they set inevitably in search of answers for how “The Jewish state” came to be, what is its foundation, and how it can get away with all it does. A set of information is carefully placed to trick people, and in fact the single largest mass of disinfo is clustered around the true history of WW II, a desperately guarded topic. The very last thing the NWO wants is for people to objectively grasp what is hidden beneath this second layer of disinfo, designed as a trap to catch people who have managed to deprogram themselves enough to slip free of the mind control of the Zionist media’s current events false propaganda, but who have not yet attained deeper historical truth, and are therefore still susceptible to certain manipulations.



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By piotrbein