NATO crazies: Encircle Russia

Newsletter 2014/11/04 – A Monroe Doctrine for Eastern Europe

WASHINGTON/BERLIN (Own report) – NATO should apply a new “Monroe
Doctrine” to lay claim to hegemony over Eastern Europe and the South
Caucasus. This is the demand advanced for discussion by a prominent
German daily. According to the author, countries such as Ukraine,
Moldova and Georgia are located “within a dangerous grey area.”
Regardless of the issue of their NATO membership, they should be
accorded a status, which declares that “all attempts, by outside
powers, to subvert their sovereignty” is an aggression against “the
Western Alliance,” offering them every measure “just short of” NATO’s
mutual assistance clause. A US American journalist, who echoes the
opinion of US foreign policy hardliners and has been repeatedly given
space to express these views in German media, authored the article.
His articles support the positions of German hardliners, who call for
a more aggressive approach toward Russia, thus opposing current
government policy. Once again yesterday, Foreign Minister Steinmeier
declared, it is “important that we begin discussing the criteria for
relieving sanctions,” as he had already “suggested in the EU Foreign
Affairs Council.” more

By piotrbein