Berlin crossing the line between revisionism and denial of Nazi crimes

Newsletter 2014/11/07 – Farewell to the “Commemorative Culture”

BERLIN (Own report) – Several citizens’ initiatives are unambiguously
repudiating the semi-official German “commemorative culture.”
Particularly the “Train of Commemoration” is raising serious
accusations against the German government, on the occasion of the
upcoming commemoration of the Nazi November Pogroms. According to the
initiative’s voluminous publication, Berlin is crossing the line
between revisionist theses and open denial of Nazi mass crimes. Aside
from the token public events, the Federal Republic of Germany is
expending a great amount of energy and mobilizing all official means
in opposition to the survivors of Nazi terror, to avoid having to face
the inherited debt left by its predecessor state (“Train of
Commemoration, the Deutsche Bahn and the Struggle against
Forgetting”). These accusations against Berlin are not new, however
they are now accompanied with documentary evidence. The publication of
this work comes at an embarrassing moment for Berlin, because demands
are becoming louder in other European countries for a complete
settlement of debts from Nazi crimes. In October, Italy’s Supreme
Court ruled that lawsuits against the Federal Republic of Germany on
the question of compensation are subject to review by courts.


By piotrbein