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Fukushima Killing Pacific Oceaen

Massive Fish Die Off’s continue on West Coast. Fukushima “likely culprit”.

Massive Fish Die Off’s continue on West Coast. Fukushima Òlikely culpritÓ. Local Fishermen accusing media of downplaying and disinformation.


Mass Die-Off of West Coast Sealife: Fukushima Radiation

Mass DieOff of West Coast Sealife: Fukushima Radiation É …. ÒWe haven’t had any other reports of fish kills or dieoffs [see salmon report below].

3rd Major Mass Fish Die-Off Near California Coast in 2 Weeks

This is now the third major fish dieoff along California coastlines in two weeks. The cause? Pollution? Fukushima? Mass extinction from the enormous …

Is the sea floor littered with dead animals due to radiation? No.

I will also note the Fukushima disaster occurred in March 2011, five years after the researches begin to … The supposed Òdie offÓ is a common feature of any bloom of short-lived invertebrates. …. I feel much better eating radiated fish.

Mysterious die off of young salmon

NHK News Flash: Meltdown at Fukushima worse than thought — Most of … Salmon eat plankton and so do the smaller fish that salmon also eat. [.

Millions of fish found dead on California coast

UPDATE: TV: Millions of fish dead at Oregon coast — “Craziest thing I’ve ever … Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 31, 2014: The dieoff is the third in three weeks. … for years at Fukushima — Exceeded 25,000 times normal level — Radiation …


For example, the unexplained death of starfish off Puget Sound off Canada. … Of the fish being sold to Canada, in 2012, the Vancouver Sun recorded the … Fukushima continues to leak, and leak at ever increasing rates and the …

70% Of All Sea Lions Dying In California

About half way into the video, Alex Jones discusses seals dying from … What could be causing a massive die off across multiple species; seals, … Polar Bears And Fish Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects; via A …

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried

At island rookeries off the Southern California coast, 45 percent of the pups born in June … Normally, less than one-third of the pups would die. … Cesium-137 from Fukushima has been found in fish caught as far away as California.


Scientists Baffled By Mass Sardine DieOff On West Coast … California kelp for signs of Fukushima radiation leads many to speculate the radioactive …

Geoengineering And Ocean Die Off, It’s Not Just Fukushima

Again, the die off is global, not just in the Pacific. Fukushima is a big problem but only one of many and there are big die offs occurring far from … Dead zones are appearing everywhere in our seas, mass fish kills are now common.

fish die-off report

I will make it a priority to post any new fish die off information here when ever I … Project Shows “Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation” …

Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before …

Study: Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before … Tags: Fukushima, radiation, ocean life.

New clues in mass starfish die-off along Pacific

Some even blamed radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in … They have not yet found the direct cause of the dieoffs, he said.

Don’t eat the fish!

If fish were to be taken off the market, not only would it cause mayhem in the entire United States, … Tags:fukushimaradiationseafoodwest coast.

Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast

14) unknown fish dieoff 15) tuna, possibly Albacore (please note….in any/all cases, if the results were indeed from Fukushima, independent and …

Apocalyptic Fish Mass Die-Off Along Hokkaido Coast – Fukushima?

An apocalyptic fish mass dieoff has started beginning o f this month along the Pacific coastal zone of Mukawa – Cho Hokkaido, Japan. Fukushima …

Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns Driving Increased Abnormalities Among US Infants

What’s Causing the Mass DieOff and Starvation of California Sea Lions? Associated …. Radioactive fish are also being found off the West Coast.

Is Fukushima Radiation Causing the Epidemic of Dead and Starving Sea Lions In California?

Radioactive fish are also being found off the West Coast. … BTW, before Fukushima the eco-nazis were blaming dead sea critters on US Navy sonar.

  1. Redondo Beach Dead Fish

The California Department of Fish and Game has blamed the dieoff on oxygen deprivation and is also testing fish for toxins at its animal forensics …

  1. Fukushima Scaremongering Debunked

How many AF’s (absolutely frieds) does the radiation from Fukushima contain? … Something is causing fish all along the west coast of Canada to bleed from ….. sea lions routinely have dieoffs from domoic acid toxicity and it tends to …

  1. Star Fish dying off. Bluefin Tuna all but gone and now Sardine have vanished from the Pacific

Starfish dying off, Bluefin Tuna all but gone and now Sardine have vanished from the Pacific…A link to Fukushima or another problem entirely?


At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over

Fukushima radiation appears to be causing an epidemic of dead and … reported higher-than-expected concentrations of radiation in fish off Japan.

  1. Oregon coast isolated from mysterious West Coast starfish die-off

A mysterious dieoff is affecting starfish throughout the West Coast. So far … (Scientists now call starfish Òsea starsÓ because they aren’t fish.) Starfish … All the sailors were multiply exposed to radiation from the Fukushima accident.

  1. Massive Ocean Die-Offs in Pacific Northwest

Charted radiation levels flowing from Fukushima through Pacific waters. While there are many possible explanations for these dieoffs on the table, the …

  1. Fukushima across the Pacific

Fukushima-Pacific-Ocean-Radioactive-Cesium-137-Seawater-Impact- … have been quite a few reports of dieoffs, dangerously contaminated fish, and …

  1. Radioactivity in the Ocean: Diluted, But Far from Harmless

With contaminated water from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear complex … Two events in the early 1990s — a dieoff of seals in the Barents Sea and White … Fish can also take in radionuclides in the water through their gills, and …

  1. Fukushima Effects & MoreÉMassive Animal Death List so Far For 2014É.

18th August 2014 – Massive amount of dead fish wash ashore along the coast of Isle of Man. Link. 16th August 2014 – Massive die off of Mussels is a …

  1. Massive starfish die-off near British Columbia baffles scientists

Fungus blamed for salamander dieoff in the Netherlands: ‘complete …. in the ocean and the possibility that these fish are dying from radiation poisoning. … If, indeed, these marine deaths are a result of the Fukushima disaster, …

  1. Mass Salmon, Plankton, Sea Star Die Off in Pacific Northwest: No One Mentions Radiation

Read: 3 Major Fish DieOffs Near California Cost … a persistent and toxic pollutant, the second, a radiation marker linked to the Fukushima accident.Ó.


No while it is impossible to say for sure whether Fukushima is responsible for these … -July 26, 2013: Mass fish dieoff in a river in Moscow, Russia

  1. HORROR Ó Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation Ó

ÒWe haven’t had any other reports of fish kills or dieoffs [see salmon report below].Ó Tompkins has seen photographs provided by Morton […] Pacific …

  1. Fukushima: The West Coast of Canada & the USA Is Dying, Hundreds of Species Have Disappeared

TV: ÒMysterious die off of young salmonÓ in Pacific Northwest — ÒHealthyÉ … Millions of fish found dead on California coast — 3 major fish kills in 2 …


Dying Starfish may be due to Fukushima Radiation

ÒWith contaminated water from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear complex … The star fish die off was not the first one seen in the Pacific North West.

  1. Fukushima Radiation on its Way to California, Scientists Say it Poses No Threat

This is Surfrider Foundation’s summary of the Fukushima Radiation … Secondly, we are starting to see massive fish die off’s, as evidenced by a …

  1. Mother Fukushima

I assure you this is a bigger factor than Fukushima in the terrestrial dieoff of animals and the East Coast fish and sea star deaths. Pacific die offs are a …

  1. Highly irradiated fish caught near crippled Japan nuclear plant

Black sea bream fishing is currently restricted off the coasts of Fukushima, … Earlier this month, David Knight broke down the massive starfish die off:.

  1. Radiation in Atlantic fish

Fukushima Cesium in North Atlantic Ocean Fish … in tuna harvested in 2011 off Japan and off California were found to range between 1.5 to 23 Bq per …

  1. The Oceans are Dying

Peterson said it’s the largest dieoff he’s aware of in recent history. …… in feeding the planet – and he was referring to commercial fish farms, not algae. …. and the radioactivity from bioaccumulating isotopes (Fukushima) would make …

  1. BC starfish dying off in huge numbers

There have also been enormous dieoffs of the morning sun star, which eats the … CAN’T BE FUKUSHIMA BECAUSE NO OTHER MARINE LIFE IS DYING FROM ANY … Hundreds of thousands of fish die on the New Jersey shores.

  1. Dead Sea Life Covers 98% of Ocean Floor After Fukushima

fukushima effects dead seas life Sea life in the Pacific Ocean is dying off at an alarming rate, and the peak of all this death and … Sea snot is the highly technical term they use to describe dead sea life including fish, plankton, feces, …


Mysterious Mass Animal Die-Offs

dead fish Over the last couple of years the mysterious mass deaths of birds, bees, fish and other wildlife has been … And what about all the strange dieoffs this years? …. Fukushima fallout AND BP oil spill contamination, codex.

  1. 28 fallacies about the Fukushima nuclear disaster’s effect on the US West Coast

This is true, and those dead sea lions were killed by starvation. … Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident turned up in fish caught off California in …

  1. Fukushima Radiation: Is It Still Safe To Eat Fish?

Some bottom-feeding fish right off the coast of Japan contain much higher levels of radiation (i.e. >250 times more ….. Fukushima’s Children are Dying:

  1. Latest news on Birds, Fish, and Animals dying off

A while back I put up a post on fish dying as a result of the Fukushima disaster. I warned you to watch what you eat from food taken out of the Pacific …

  1. Beware the Fukushima Sushi

Beware the Fukushima Sushi … in the waters off Chiba, near Toky0—a direct result of the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. … In the big-fish-eats-little-fish way of the ocean, the radioactive contamination … strict hand of natural selection also means that when those afflicted fish die out, …

  1. Common Fukushima Myths We Found On Facebook

Everything is Dying Because of Fukushima. fukushima fish die off. This one gets a little complicated. I am sure many of you have seen all of the reports …

  1. Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over

In 2014, mass fish dieoffs have pretty much become a daily event globally. …. LesseeÉwe’ve got Fukushima radiation washing through the Pacific, …

  1. Taps run dry in S‹o Paulo drought, but water company barely shrugs

Water is cut off most nights, starting about 10 p.m., Santos said. He maintains supply by keeping a 12,000-gallon tank full and is installing tanks to …

  1. Today’s Biggest Earthquake: November 20, 2014

today: 5.4 in Namie, Fukushima, Japan. this week: 7.1 in ….. A mysterious ‘song’ performed by Rosetta’s comet á Brazil Dead fish in Rio Olympic bay puzzles scient. ….. Boat Accident off Turkish Coast Killed At Least 24… Flu shot …

á  WEB

  1. Scientists Baffled by Mass Sardine Die-Off on West Coast


Mystery fuels concerns that radiation buildup is fueling mass sea life dieoff … Experts are baffled by a confirmed and unexpected dieoff of the West … mysteries taking place in the wake of the Fukushima radiological disaster. … problems for those who fish,Ó a recent Los Angeles Times article states.

  1. SF Chronicle: Fukushima radiation possible culprit in huge starfish

Director: We saw plutonium from Fukushima out in New Mexico desert … Nobody knows what is causing the dieoff, but the killer – most likely some kind of ….. to know FUFU is the reason for the star fish die off on the Pacific coastÉ

  1. Why are Millions of Sea Creatures Dying off the Pacific Coast

Freedom Outpost

We do know that fish caught just off the shore from Fukushima have been tested to have radioactive cesium that is up to 124 times above the level that …

  1. Fukushima radiation spill hardly linked to rise in Pacific star-fish die-off

The Voice of Russia

American scientists see no connection between the massive dieoffs of starfish along the Pacific shores of North America and Japan’s Fukushima …

  1. Massive Starfish Die-Off Baffles Scientists

Voices – National Geographic

Where did people get the idea this is radiation from Fukushima? Whatever it is, it ….. The star fish die off is probably due to higher levels of radiation


Why are starfish dying off the Pacific Coast?


Thousands of starfish are dying off the Pacific Coast. … I’ve dove on deep shipwrecks with fish that are 3 times as big as their shallow counterpartsÉ … think this is caused by a biological illness or could it be related to Fukushima?


Fukushima Star-fish Melting


The hundreds of tons of corium has almost certainly burned, melted, and …. canada say there is a mass star fish die off occurring now. that gov’t …

  1. Fish Bleeding From Eyeballs, Faces, Fins & Tails In Pacific Ocean & Canada

Before It’s News

Fukushima radiation? Has the BP oil spill and Corexit made it into the Pacific Ocean now? These mass animal dieoffs going on around the world …

  1. Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean

Activist Post

Right now, massive numbers of fish and sea creatures are dying in the … The following are some more examples of sea life dying off in the Pacific from …


Fukushima and mass die-off


Mass Die Off Of Starfish, Chitons, Abalone, Mussels, Sun Stars Pacific …. Labels: dieoff, ecology, fish, Fukushima, nuclear catastrophe, radiation …

  1. Tritium levels at Fukushima No. 1 top Pacific Ocean dumping limit

The Japan Times

Water drawn from a well at the crippled Fukushima No. … Why is there massive dying off of fish and sea life happening happening all over the Pacific?

  1. Mass Die-Off of West Coast Sealife: Fukushima Radiation

Mass DieOff of West Coast Sealife: Fukushima Radiation É … NBC Nightly News reports that a mass dieoff of starfish up and down the West … that supply half the world’s oxygen á 3rd Major Mass Fish DieOff Near California Coast …

  1. Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California

Underground Health

It is almost as if the powers that be want us all to forget about Fukushima and the … What You Need to Know Before Buying Seafood and Fish.

  1. Fukushima Reactor Disaster


3rd Major Fish Die Off In 2 Weeks Along CA Coast – Vid á Jeff & Yoichi … AK Caribou In BIG DIEOFF From Fukushima Radiation á Japan Expert Calls …

  1. Northwest Starfish Experiments Give Scientists Clues To Mysterious Mass Die-offs

Jefferson Public Radio

Some have asked whether radiation or tsunami debris associated with the Fukushima disaster could be behind this dieoff. But scientists now see …

  1. Sea stars (starfish)

West Seattle BlogÉ

Not so far, though those who believe there is a Fukushima cover-up are lumping … This is not the first time a mass dieoff of star fish has happened.

  1. Stop passing these scary stories about Fukushima fish around social media!

Doubtful News

Much is being made in the news about the Fukushima radiation leakage … conspiracy mongering, warnings about injured and dead animals (even in … caught off the coast of California tested positive for radiation from the Fukushima …

  1. 2

The Inertia

Where previous sea star dieoffs have affected one or two species of sea star, typically in warmer climates, …. Were you eating fish pre-Fukushima?

  1. Fukushima radiation fears for fish along Oregon coast unwarranted

They just tested fish off the coast of Japan, on waters away from Fukushima, ….. Ocean species are mysteriously dying off on the West Coast of North …

  1. Fukushima? More Than 500 Deep Sea Lantern Fish And Squid

Natural Life Energy

Natural Life Energy È In The News È Fukushima? … prompting both state and federal officials to investigate the cause of their die off. … The public is being asked to look for more dying lantern fish and squid on nearby beaches and to …

  1. Scientists Reveal That Radiation From Japan’s 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Accident Detected Off …

The CELESTIAL Convergence

fukushima california02 FUK U SHIMA: Scientists Reveal That Radiation From … he isn’t concerned about swimming or eating fish from local waters. …. Mass Animal DieOffs, Appearance Of Rare Creatures And Warnings From …

  1. Fukushima Radiation In Pacific Tuna Is Equal To One Twentieth


Fukushima Radiation In Pacific Tuna Is Equal To One Twentieth Of A … of people convinced that we’re all about to drop dead from radiation exposure, that … the Fukushima radiation that would come from a tuna steak taken off a fish …

  1. How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean?

Reader Supported News

My opinion is that if the dieoffs are unusual and Òman madeÓ then it is a ….. –fukushima-spreading-across-pacific-theyll-be-fish-sea-life-will-be-dead- …

  1. Animal die offs

I AM is at the doors –

It is almost as if the powers that be want us all to forget about Fukushima … 2nd September 2013 – Mass fish die off found in a river in Yekaterinburg, …

  1. Starfish Die-off

Starfish are mysteriously dying from a ‘sea star wasting disease’ and scientists … The mystery surrounding the dieoff was the subject of a recent NBC Nightly … He adds that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe remains mostly …


Fukushima Radiation Nearing West Coast


Ocean waters off the West Coast are testing positive for cesium-134, one of the … Thyroid Cancer in Young People Surge in Fukushima Since Nuclear Meltdown …. Very strange things are happening to the fish, sea birds, starfish on the …. The Pacific and Earth is slowly going to die if this is not stopped.

  1. Sea Creatures Dying In Massive Numbers Along Pacific Coast!

The Inquisitr

Thousands of dead fish were found on Manresa Beach. Radiation levels have tripled in tuna caught off the coast of Oregon. A lot of those foods, … sea creatures. Once again, the possibility of the Fukushima incident is brought up.

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