March of the Living Holo-hoxers – Jewish joy of the Holocaust

PB: Jews perished in Birkenau, by design of their tribal brethren, the Zionists, starting 2 years after exterminations of Poles began immediately upo Hitler’s invasion of Poland in Septemebr 1939.  Jew-run Soviet NKWD did similar in Eastern Poland, by secret Jew treaty betweenGermany and USSR, on liquidation of the Polish nation.
The joy must be of continuing belief of goys in the Jew tale of the Holocaust as exlusively Jewish and unique in history, while Jew-orchestrated world wars, revolutions, massacres and mass murders eclipse Shoah numercially: “French” and Bolshevik revolutions, WW1 and WW2 fronts and innocent civilian casualties, massacres of Armenian/Assyrian/Greek Genocide in Ottoman Empire…
Actually,  Holocaust  targeted 20 groups, Slavs being the most numerous. Even if the magic 6 million figure of Jews annihilated by the Zionists in Shoah was true, it does not come close to the number of about 10 million Ukrainians, Poles and other ethnic groups in Ukrainian Holodomor that has been orchestrated by Jew Kaganovitch, Stalin’s shadow ruler.Since 1991, millions of civilian Iraquis perished from all causes in Jew-bankster run “war on terror” over there.
Or is the joy over physically and morally appropriating Auschwitz, the place of annihilation of Poles, Russian POWs…

The delegation witnessed the marching in uniform in June 2013 Auschwitz-Birkenau









By piotrbein