Ukraine: ‘Shame!’ Protesters heckle Poroshenko at Maidan memorial + Klitschko lays wreath

PB:  Jews now in power in Kiev got there owing a.o. to the snipers hired by the global Jew cabal.  Poroshenko, Klitschko commemorate their victims… Can there be more cynicism, hypocrisy?



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AlcarValarion: Much more parents are going to remember Maiden in the future, this isn’t over, not by a long shot. When all is said and done this whole ordeal will only be remembered by the Ukrainians whilst wearing the black of mourning. This is the reward granted to all peoples who play the tune of the Western elites. You didn’t want it, but you chose for it.

laurejon: Poroshenko is the moderate and represents the first peacefull people at the Maidan. Whereas Yatsenyuk represents the right wing extremists that took over Maidan and attacked thier own police force, government buildings and workers, and generally smashed the place up, killing the police in the process. In essence Yatsenyuk is pushing to extend the war in the East, and has the backing of some seriously dubious Oligarch’s who are funding the Nazi battalions on a mission to make Ukraine pure. Unfortuantely as the electorate have selected a coaltion Poroshenkos hands are tied and he is under pressue from Yatsenyuk to be aggressive, rather than peacefull which is why after five weeks Ukraine is yet to have a government. Hopefully this week with pressure from the US and the EU, Yatsenyuk will be defeated and Poroshenko will be able to put his men into the cabinet posts, bring in the reforms needed, and make peace with the East, even if that means letting it become an independent state. Ukraine is a broken nation, a divided nation, and Poroshenko’s diplomacy and manner is warm to Europeans. You only have to look closely at Yatenyuks face when he is talking to see his is pure evil, support pure evil, and orders pure evil. So to sum up. Porohsenko is someone Europe, the US, and Russia can do business with, and Yatsenyuk is someone that is very slippery, says one thing, does another, very untrustworthy and that can be found in the US analysis on Wikileaks going back a decade ago.Yatsenyuk is for himself, and his backers.

SovietDoge: Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Tyhnabok and Klitscko are responsible for these deaths.

elucidative: yes and never forget


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Alex Jones Is A Fraud: Hey klitschko wanted to let you know how much of a shit cunt you are I spent most of my life in boxing gyms most of my friends are in the boxing game we all think you are scum you sat back and let the Ukraine government murder civilians your brother and sister how much dit they pay you 10 million o herd yoi have o respect in the boxing game I did like you now I hate your guts

Mike V: I used to be a LKlitschko fan and wanted to see him KO the opponent now I would love to see ANY opponent knock him out! Here is a LOSER who is letting his own govt murder innocent civilians and at the same time his own military men getting shot out as well fighting ppl whom they wish not to fight!

Akbar Gherbal: The Ukrainians have to be the most stupid people on earth, they ruined their country!

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