Happy Holidays from Council for National Interest

December 2014
Dear Friends,

Friends of CNI have probably noticed that criticism of Israel and its policies is growing. The slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza could not be ignored and new laws making Israel a state where only Jews are full citizens has shocked many Americans. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called new elections for March which will undoubtedly produce an even more extreme right wing government!

And there have been setbacks here in America. Confronted by the power of the Israel Lobby President Obama backed off from cutting a much needed deal with Iran over its nuclear program and now a GOP dominated congress is threatening to make such an agreement impossible.

All of which means that American interests are yet again considered less important than those of Israel. But CNI has been pushing back. I recently wrote an article describing how Israel is self-destructing and taking Washington down with it while our President Alison Weir’s book “Against Our Better Judgment” is telling the American audience about the fraud and coercion that led to the creation of Israel in the first place.

If you believe as The Council for the National Interest does that this madness has to stop join with us to create some alternative voices that people in Washington will begin to listen to. We would like to hope that this will be the last Christmas when the friends of Israel are able to continue to distort US foreign policy!

Alison Weir and I have been speaking before groups from across the political both in the US and even overseas. We have been writing about the damage that is being done to the United States. We are telling Americans the truth about what is going on and are planning to be even more active in the upcoming year in exposing the activities of the Israel Lobby. Most Americans want no new wars, but those who are siding with Netanyahu are well funded and powerful. That means we can only continue to reach out to the public with your help. Join us in debunking the concept that the US “must” start a new war to become safer. Your contributions can make all of this happen and will enable us to redouble our efforts and introduce the facts to even more Americans.

We wish all of our friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah and a festive New Year. As always, please remember us in your gift giving as your generosity is vital. Thank you for your commitment and your support.

Phil Giraldi
Executive Director
Council for the National Interest

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By piotrbein