West has little success in inducing others to join sanctions against Russia

BERLIN/WASHINGTON/MOSCOW (Own report) – The EU and the USA are having
little success in inducing friendly nations to join their sanctions
against Russia. Following a visit by the EU’s Foreign Policy
Representative, Federica Mogherini, Ankara announced, Monday, Turkey
will not support these measures, but rather continue its cooperation
with Moscow. In India, as well, one hears in the lead-up to Russian
President Vladimir Putin’s visit – which begins today – that
cooperation will be continued, because of common interests, for
example to defuse Cold War-like tensions. India, along with other
countries previously particularly close to the West – such as South
Africa and Brazil – have a differentiated view of the Ukrainian
conflict, a view, which does not exclude the West’s role. For example,
in the Indian debate, “the argument that Russia had re-drawn
internationally recognized borders in Europe,” is not taken seriously
– after all, the West had done the same in destroying Yugoslavia,
according to a report by the CDU-affiliated Konrad Adenauer
Foundation. A Norwegian think tank notes that Brazilian foreign policy
makers are no longer inclined to remain silent on western countries’
human rights violations, while loudly criticizing those of others.
Observers find that the world “order” under western domination is
beginning to crumble.


By piotrbein