Berlin pleading to convince Moscow to continue the natural gas cooperation

BERLIN (Own report) – Since the Russian government’s decision to scrap
the “South Stream” pipeline project, Berlin and Brussels have been
searching for an alternative supply of natural gas. In answer to the
EU, Alexei Miller, Gazprom’s chief executive, announced last Tuesday,
that his company was no longer pursuing South Stream and would instead
construct a pipeline to Turkey. Ukraine’s role as transit country for
supplying gas to the EU “will be reduced to zero.” To meet the
increasing demand of EU countries, the EU Commission is now seeking
alternative supplies via the “Southern Corridor” – a route leading
from Azerbaijan via the Southern Caucasus and Turkey to the EU. The
EU’s promised supply from Azerbaijan’s natural gas reserves is but a
drop in the bucket. The West’s policies of war and sanctions hamper
additional deliveries from Iraq or Iran via the “Southern Corridor.”
Only by 2016 will the USA export large quantities of shale gas,
however, mainly to Asia where it can sell at a better price than in
Europe. German politicians and experts are pleading to convince Moscow
to continue the natural gas cooperation.


By piotrbein