Contrary to Jew media, Russia’s economy not doomed

Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed

by editor

ed note–against the better advice of my good friend MCP, I am going to make a prediction here…

Despite what some self-appointed ‘experts’ within the ‘movement’ say, Vladimir Putin is not ‘one of them’. There is no ‘secret deal’ between him and the NWO for him to ‘play the part’ of a recalcitrant leader who is only pretending to oppose ‘the plan’. He is genuine, and the plan to destroy him and to bring Russia into line with the rest of those nations who have surrendered themselves to the dictates of the Synagogue, Wall Street, etc is genuine as well.

The historically low gas prices in America are not a fluke or accident. Decisions and maneuvers were made 6 months ago in order to bring this about today. The news is blaring all over the place how America’s economic recovery is at hand and how happy days are here again.

At the same time, oil producing nations such as Russia, Iran, Venezuela–all on Zionism’s ‘seek and destroy’ list–are taking the hit in a serious way. At the very least, what it does is to cause political/social angst and instability, thus paving the way for CIA-run groups such as National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, etc, to worm their way into the social/political fabric of these nations as a preparatory step to launching the ‘Russia Spring’, the ‘Persian Spring’ and the ‘Latin American Spring’ in seeing these problematic governments overthrown.

More than this though, and much more dangerous is how the narrative is being prepared for some act of war–such as an oil tanker–being blown up, causing the markets to go haywire and then gas prices to soar again, and all of it of course being blamed ON RUSSIA. The American people–whose mood has improved dramatically as a result of the lower gas prices right around Christimas season, surprise/surprise–would be screaming for some kind of action against Russia-including limited military engagements–in orde to make Putin pay for ruining what has been billed as a sure-fire economic recover.

The below article lays out some of the criteria by which I am making the previous prediction, that something is about to go ‘boom’ that will more than likely be blamed on Putin.

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By piotrbein