Jew-phobia in WW2, Islamophobia now — Germany at service to Zionists

Ramifications of the “War on Terror” (Racist mobilization in Germany)

BERLIN (Own report) – The debate over the racist “PEGIDA” mobilization
continues in Germany. Following the recent mass demonstration in
Dresden “against Islamization” with 15,000 people participating,
members of the German political establishment have begun recommending
that the demonstrators be taken “seriously” and that their demands –
at least partially – be met. German Muslims are already beginning to
feel the ramifications of this agitation. Verbal and even physical
attacks, over the past few months, are on the rise, for example, arson
attacks against mosques. Muslims are being submitted to massive
pressure: Parallel to the “war on terror,” unleashed after 9/11,
Islamophobic propaganda significantly intensified also in Germany,
including government measures such as indiscriminate dragnets against
Muslims. Right-wing extremist organizations are increasingly
expressing their racism with the more fashionable Islamophobia, while
Islamophobic prejudices are beginning to take deep root in the German
population. According to a recent survey, such positions have led to a
greater “readiness for action.”


By piotrbein