Horrific Gag Law has been approved in ‪‎Spain!

The ‪‎LeyMordaza (Gag Law) has been approved in ‪‎Spain.

1. Photographing or recording police – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
2. Peaceful disobedience to authority – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
3. Occupying banks as means of protest – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
4. Not formalizing a protest – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
5. For carrying out assemblies or meetings in public spaces – 100 to 600€ fine.
6. For impeding or stopping an eviction – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
7. For presence at an occupied space (not only social centers but also houses occupied by evicted families) – 100 to 600€ fine.
8. Police black lists for protestors, activists and alternative press have been legalized.
9. Meeting or gathering in front of Congress – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
10. Appealing the fines in court requires the payment of judicial costs, whose amount depends on the fine.
11. It allows random identity checks, allowing for profiling of immigrants and minorities.
12. Police can now carry out raids at their discretion, without the need for “order” to have been disrupted.
13. External bodily searches are also now allowed at police discretion.
14. The government can prohibit any protest at will, if it feels “order” will be disrupted.
15. Any ill-defined “critical infrastructure” is now considered a forbidden zone for public gatherings if it might affect their functioning.
16. There are also fines for people who climb buildings and monuments without permission.‏

Spain is the ‘Experiment’ for introducing ‘Gag Laws’… just as Cyprus was the experiment for ‘Bail-ins’ … The Spanish people have perhaps just one opportunity to shut this sh*t down!!‏

Spain is now a Totalitarian Corporatist Police State’ … will the people bring about the change that we ALL know they need to see?‏

Of course … all of these penalties rely on people being held in the ‘Bondage of Assets’ … those who have nothing to lose are the greatest threat to the Establishment!!‏

By piotrbein